Restaurant Scene: October 2013

1. 124 Castro reopened last week as HoneyCreek, upmarket version of a Taiwanese tea-and-snacks restaurant, with bar, and bewildering range of softer drinks, including impressive “varietal” teas.

2. Park Balluchi Indian restaurant has been telling people it will open this coming weekend, 288 Castro.

3. Detailed schedule just received for this weekend’s Oktoberfest, in the Steins parking lot, includes string quartet from GISSV, 11:45-12:45 Sat., and pretzel-eating contests for children, 12:45 both days. Not yet fully up on Steins’s web site, but this link had all details:

4. Apparently Pho Garden will move a few doors to more elegant newly remodeled digs at 292 Castro, the long-closed Food Street site. Alcohol-license ownership change notice at 292 cites Pho Garden as new biz owner.

5. 331 Castro, everyone’s favorite mystery construction site: A City staffer familiar with the project corrected a local business owner, contradicting past remarks from workers there, to the effect that the new business is not a Peet’s but rather a pastry [?] shop in front, office space behind.

6. To anticipate the one or two queries I often get about this, I have no more yet about 102 Castro (fmr. Hunan Chili site). Anyone with information on that, please email or post it here.

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