OMVNAtalk2 Email List

OMVNAtalk2 is a neighborhood e-mail list that you can subscribe to if you would like to receive e-mail about issues of interest to Old Mountain View residents. You can use it to send e-mail to subscribers on topics of neighborhood interest. It is a moderated list, which means that all messages are reviewed to make sure they comply with the usage guidelines below. Messages will be reviewed about twice a day. Those messages that comply with the guidelines will be sent exactly as submitted. Those that do not will be rejected. It is intended to be a source of useful news and information, and the list owner will attempt to make sure that it is not used for any other purpose.

Here are some guidelines for the use of the OMVNAtalk2 mailing list:

  1. Personal attacks are not allowed. Anyone violating this guideline will be taken off the list and will not be allowed to send mail to it.
  2. You may send announcements of any kind, including commercial announcements, as long as there is a clear link to Old Mountain View. For example, an announcement of a garage sale or an artist’s open studio in our neighborhood would be appropriate.
  3. Please keep your email brief–no more than 20 lines.
  4. Sign your email by including your full name. We also encourage, but do not require, indicating the name of the street on which you live.
  5. You may send messages espousing your opinion about events or issues that affect the neighborhood, but should avoid sending e-mail about state or national issues with no link to Old Mountain View. Example: home-schooling is an interesting topic, but unless your message has an OMV “hook,” you shouldn’t send it to this list. An example of such a hook would be a request to get together with other Old Mountain View home-schoolers to share ideas and materials.
  6. If you join OMVNAtalk2, your name and e-mail address will not be divulged to anyone by the webmaster. That is, you can join the list without anyone other than the webmaster knowing that you have done so, and the webmaster will keep this secret. OMVNAtalk has nearly 300 subscribers.
  7. To subscribe sign up at
  8. To unsubscribe, send a blank e-mail to
  9. There is no charge to subscribe.
  10. To send a message to all OMVNAtalk2 list members, send it to You must be a subscriber to the list before you can send mail to people on the list.
  11. Contact us to do research in the message archives from the yahoo group OMVNAtalk