Host a Block Party

Block parties provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors, build camaraderie, and have a good time. See how to apply for an OMVNA Block Party Grant below.

Getting Started 

Determine the number of families you want to participate. Form an organizing committee (four to eight people). Choose a location – someone’s front yard or the middle of a street, etc. (See Street Closure section for details on getting permission to close off a street.) Choose a day and time – e.g., 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Saturday or holiday such as July 4th or Labor Day. Give people the option to stop by for a short time or stay for the whole day. Arrange for food and supplies. A potluck is a good idea to make it simple. 

Permits and Licenses 

The City has an application for a Block Party Permit available on its web site. It is included as part of the packet. It can also be downloaded from:

According to the city website, the reason for this free permitting process is to alert MVPD, so they can prepare for and monitor events and respond effectively to any problems. The permit is required for any event that involves blocking off a residential street or streets. 

Applicants should phone first to discuss the date and location MVPD at (650) 903-6418. The application must be submitted in person at the police department. Event organizers are responsible for signs and equipment (i.e. cones, barricades) needed to close down streets. These can be purchased at hardware stores. The city will not provide signs or other equipment. 

Block party organizers often ask if a police officer comes by our block party to talk to kids and show a police car. The MVPD will ask the supervisor to send a patrol officer. However, because of manpower and calls for service, there are no guarantees. 

In addition to the Block Party Permit, if you plan to (or wish to) have a band or other “live performance” at your party, you may be required to obtain a “Live Entertainment Permit”. Most block parties will not be subject to this requirement and it would probably be a better idea not to subject yourself to it; unlike the Block Party Permit, it is not free, nor is it inexpensive. If there is any question about what you are planning vis-a-vis the “Live Entertainment Permit” requirements, see:

Note that depending on where they are located, the use of Jump Houses can also require a city permit. The MVPD can direct you to the proper resource to answer that question. Information on other permits and licenses the police department issues can be found at

Street Closure 

As mentioned in the Permits and Licenses Section, Street Closures are possible and are granted as part of the Block Party Permit application process. MVPD approval is required, as they hold the master calendar for street closures and other civic events requiring police oversight. EARLY coordination (AT LEAST 30 days ahead, preferably sooner) with the MVPD is critical to your date selection, to make sure the date is not unacceptable to the PD for some reason. For example, a Block Party Permit for a party on Hope between Yosemite and Church might not be approved for the same weekend as the Art & Wine Festival, for obvious reasons. However, a party on Jesse or Eldora on that same weekend may be approved, at MVPD’s discretion, based on the demands on the department for that weekend. 

Street Closure supplies available for loan from the OMVNA Old MTV Eventors. Email

Apply for an OMVNA Block Party Grant 

In 2022, the OMVNA Steering Committee approved a resolution authorizing a grant of up to $50 for parties with 10-19 people, $100 for parties with 20-39 people, and $150 for parties with 40 or more people. This policy, established in fulfillment of the purposes of the Association, namely, the promotion of cultural, civic, social, educational and recreational activities for the benefit of the residents of the Old Mountain View neighborhood. 

To obtain a grant for your block party, please complete the application in this packet and submit it to or use the google form.

Within two weeks of the block party, submit receipts from your party (exclusive of alcohol) to the MTV Eventors Google form to receive a reimbursement in the form of a check from the OMVNA Treasurer. 

Additional Resources 

For answers to any other questions you might have about organizing a Block Party in Mountain View, see,days%20prior%20to%20the%20event

Street Closure supplies available. Email

Also, a number of veteran party organizers read the OMVNA-Talk. To join this group, visit