Old MV Weather Stations

There are 3 Old MV residents who have weather stations connected to wunderground.com:

All stations on wunderground.com provide graphs that you can move your mouse over to see values at any given time of day, and you can also ask for weekly and monthly graphs.

It is based on Ambient weather station hardware and provides a full array of sensors, including outdoor temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction (continuous), precipitation rate and totals, and solar radiation and UV index.

Be aware that weather stations do not all provide the same data, and/or the same quality of data. This is a function of the quality and type of actual sensors used, as well as the correct placement of these sensors. Calibration is also a factor. Most amateurs are not able to locate the sensors in the location prescribed by the NWS, and thus measurements of wind speed and direction, for example, are subject to inaccuracy due to nearby buildings, tall trees, etc. On the other hand, all this data is free for all to use, so be aware that the stations listed above have their challenges and are providing data on a best-effort basis.

Email webmaster@omvna.org to add a weather station link.