Ava’s full deli to debut Nov. 4

It’s two years now since Ann and Juan Origel, on their own initiative and wherewithal, brought to downtown MV what city government, consultants, and neighborhood groups had been unable to for many years:  a general community grocery market at 340 Castro.  Complementing CVS’s grocery aisles and Easy Foods (299 Castro), whose Asian grocery selection has grown, Ava’s now furnishes many grocery needs formerly requiring trips away from the neighborhood.

A longtime goal of full delicatessen service with prepared foods is due for unveiling Monday November 4, Ann Origel told me, with “soft” or trial service starting Friday November 1.  Then it will really be “Ava’s Downtown Market and Deli.”

Ava’s has constantly evolved in its two years, with remodeling and equipment upgrades.  From one visit to the next, I sometimes think I’ve stepped into a different shop.  The deli’s arrival should continue that tradition, but it’s the milestone that I’ve heard the Origels mention the most.  

Meanwhile the shop’s inventory evolves too.  I find little need for supermarket trips now.  Items I needed that Ava’s lacked in earlier days have appeared on the shelves, sometimes even without asking.  It can seem downright supernatural.

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Resident with acknowledged food obsession, active in Bay Area food and wine organizations 30 years. Dining in downtown MV regularly for 20 years and occasionally for 10 years before that.
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