OMVNA Steering Committee Minutes 11-09-09

Attendees: Kim Copher, Bruce Karney, Joan Karlin, Ken Rosenberg, Noam Livnat, John Emery
Neighbors: Robert Cox, Greg Blotter, Natalie Bitton,, Hugh Donagher, Carter Coleman

1.     September Minutes approved.

2.     Minton’s discussion:  There was an extended discussion with neighbors who felt misrepresented by the Steering Committee’s correspondence to City Council as they were presented by Prometheus representatives in various meetings. Neighbors questioned the role of the Steering Committee and the Neighborhood association as an activist organization. Ideas were discussed about how resolve the feelings of misrepresentation including a new letter to the Council stating the Steering Committee would like previous statements disregarded and no longer wants to take a position on matters involving the development of 455 Evelyn. Another idea to have at least one member of the steering committee present at future meetings was discussed.

3.     Monte Carlo Night Club:  Patron’s of the Monte Carlo Night Club are becoming a late night nuisance. This was the case a couple years ago in its previous incarnation. No neighbors showed up to elaborate.

4.    Neighborhood Watch:  The first meeting to establish a community neighborhood watch in Old Mountain will be held October 20 at 6:30 at the police station, 1000 Villa.

5.    Nominating Committee:  A Panel is not ready to be presented, will be available in the next newsletter, now late October. Elections at the 12/3 General Meeting.

6.     December General Meeting:  The meeting will be held December 3, a Neighborhood Watch will be presented in addition to elections.

7.    New Business:  A new ad for the newsletter was secured.

Adjourned 8:55
Amended 11/14/09

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