From the Candidates: Laura Macias

I ask for your vote on November 4th!

I am first on the ballot and first with the real world experience that our city needs.

I am the current Councilmember serving my first fouryear term. I served last year as Mountain View’s engaged and proactive Mayor. I meet with all groups, individuals and neighborhoods because I know that I need to listen well to represent our city.

My steady voting record and initiatives embody what I stand for: value and strengthen our neighborhoods and businesses; build quality of life with city services; support compatible development; and advocate for environmental practices at the individual, local and regional level.

My background on council for four years, city commissioner for nine years on planning and parks & recreation, Mountain View resident, community leader and volunteer for almost twenty years, management and high tech business professional for twenty five years is a great foundation for another fouryear term on City Council.

In these uncertain times, Mountain View needs a councilmember who:

Stands up for healthy neighborhoods

Stands up for parks and open space

Stands up for a healthy city and economy

Always stands up for a responsible budget

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