From the Candidates: John McAlister

I am running for City Council because of decisions that were being made affecting neighbor-hoods. The City Council was not listening to the residents, but more to special interest groups.

I applied to be on the Envi-ronmental Planning Commission (EPC) and was selected. The Council asked me why I wanted to be on the commission and I told them that being a resident of Mountain View for over 50 years, I saw the quality of life was decreasing.

I have two main goals: The First is Neighborhood Preserva-tion. Neighborhood preservation means that any new development next to an existing neighborhood must be compatible, in character and look. Impact on neighbor-hoods should be determined by traffic, density, schools, parks and public safety. We need to know what the cumulative effects of all new developments are going to be on the infrastructure of Mountain View.

My second goal is a financial strong City Government. Without a solid city budget, Mountain View will not be able to maintain the high level of services that we have come to expect. As a Business owner I make decisions daily, from negotiating with vendors and employees, dealing with government compliance, and projecting the business fu-ture.

With my Certified Public Accountant training, I know how to review and analyze budgets and accounting reports.

I have not received financial support nor endorsement from any special interest groups. I am putting Mountain View Citizens first.

I ask for your support and your vote.

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