OMVNA Steering Committee Nominees for 2010

By Bruce Karney

Each year OMVNA’s Steering Committee selects a Nominating Committee to propose a slate of officers for the coming year.  This year I chaired the Nominating Committee.  The other members were Noam Livnat and Hugh Donagher.

Our goal is to balance experience and fresh ideas and to nomi-nate a group that is reflective of the diversity of our residents.  We strive to include renters as well as homeowners and to have representation from all parts of OMV.

Two of our nominees are rent-ers and six own houses or condos.  Three currently serve on the Steering Committee and five are new additions, two of whom also served previously.  Four are male and four are female.  Nominees’ ages range from 40 to 65.

The slate consists of: Hugh Donagher (Chair), Kim Copher (Vice Chair), Natalie Bitton (Newsletter Editor), Joan Karlin (Secretary), Aaron Grossman (Treasurer), David Lewis III (Community Liaison), Becky Reyna (At Large #1) and Jack Perkins (At Large #2).

OMVNA’s Winter General Meeting and Election will be held Dec. 3 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chamber.

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