Minutes — Jan 27, 2020

Minutes of OMVNA Steering Committee meeting, Monday, January 27, 2020, at 445 Calderon (Abbott/Bakotich house)

(Revised after emailing:  Minor typos)

Present:  Regular SC and subcommittee personnel (Aaron Grossman for CERT chair Sherril Brennan) and several community members.

(1) Call to order: Chair David Lewis.  Meeting came to order 7:31PM.

(2) Call for additional agenda items: Chair David Lewis.  Two late additions appear below as (8a) and (8b).

(3) Approval of minutes from last meeting: Chair David Lewis and Secretary Max Hauser.  Moved (Bickford), 2nd (Rosenberg), passed.

(4) Confirming time and place of next OMVNA meeting(s): Chair David Lewis.  After discussion with Editor Bickford (planning to be in NYC last week of April, which compels changing existing Newsletter schedule, which went to printer just after that), shifting to earlier w/ support from L. Wormald: printed Wed Apr 29. therefore to printer Apr 24, and next SC meeting April 20 (room has been confirmed).  Tentative subsequent SC meetings July 27 and approximately Sept 28. 

***** NOTES added before April-20 SC meeting: 

County Health directive of mid-March shifted our April meeting to “electronic” (Zoom) format, and delayed plans for paper Newsletter (with its printing and manual distribution tasks).  Summarizing Editor Bickford’s emailed comments through April 10:  “we have decided to move our next OMVNA Newsletter from the end of April to the end of May. . .new date for content is May 12 and we plan to start delivering newsletters after May 27. /  If the end of May is still not good for printing or physical delivery, I propose a digital-only version  then plan for late July / early August as per the original schedule.  We may have to offer our advertisers a credit toward a future paper issue.”

(5) CERT update: Aaron Grossman for CERT chair Sherril Brennan.  Holding at about 52 members.  Received $1k City grant: Solar panel to charge batteries for radio system.  A packet-radio capability is on the horizon.  Aaron informally requested funding of $1k this year for CERT from SC.

(6) Proposal for additional social events: Kristi Blewis (with “Front Porch” organization from the merged Methodist church; parsonage on Paul Ave.).  Her organization is planning some upcomming events (Halloween-night and Start-of-Summer events for kids); does SC wish to participate in any of this?  In discussion, the Newsletter was suggested for publicity.  Ms. Blewis was encouraged to send some notes on these plans to any SC officer for further separate discussion, if interested. 

(7) Transit center update: Vice Chair Robert Cox.  Project has three elements.  EIR was certified by Council for pedestrian undergrounding across Central, and Castro St. closure there.   Caltrain is intimately involved with the Transit-Center plans and would be doing a lot of the work (which remains a few years off).  City planners have engaged a Danish public-places design firm, to explore three alternative configurations and get public input.

(8) Update on how state legislation (SB330 & SB50) can affect our neighborhood: Vice Chair Robert Cox.

(8a)  Securing old OMVNAtalk mailing-list archives.  Authorization measure to spend (if necessary) up to $300 on this was moved (Wormald), 2nd (Hauser), passed.  Lewis and Cox (among the list “owners”) to take any needed “owner” action.

(8b)  Summarizing proposed expansion of SJ airport (Robert Holbrook).  14 new gates are proposed (making 42 total).  An EIR predicted an increase in flight capacity by up to 50%; the EIR’s official conclusion of “minimal impact” is controversial.

(9) Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair member reports

           (a)   Chair David Lewis

           (b)   Vice Chair Robert Cox

           (c)   Secretary: Max Hauser

           (d)   Treasurer Larry Rush.  Current balance $22,250.97 .

           (e)   Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh

           (f)    Newsletter Susan Bickford

           (g)   At Large: Larry Rosenberg and Lorraine Wormald

           (h)   Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach.  Working on a fraternal-organizations local-history article.

           (i)    Parking: Robert Cox & Jamil Shaikh

Adjournment:  Chair David Lewis.  Meeting adjourned 8:59PM.

— Max Hauser, OMVNA Secretary.

About Max Hauser

Resident with acknowledged food obsession, active in Bay Area food and wine organizations 30 years. Dining in downtown MV regularly for 20 years and occasionally for 10 years before that.
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