Minutes – July 31, 2023

OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting 7/31/2023

In Attendance: David Lewis, Robert Cox, Susan Bickford, Larry Rush, Jamsheed Agahi, Jamil Shaikh, Jerry Steach, Lorraine Wormald, Max Hauser, Sherril Brennan, Kristin Bailey, Maureen Blando, Mark Flider, Nabeel Al-Shamma,

(1) (7:30PM) Call to order: Chair David Lewis
(2) (7:35PM) Call for additional agenda items: Chair David Lewis – No additional items
(3) (7:38PM) Approval of minutes from last meeting: Secretary Jamsheed Agahi
• First by Robert Cox, second by Jamil. Motioned passed unanimously.
(4) (7:40PM) Confirming the time and place of the next OMVNA Steering Committee meeting(s): Chair
David Lewis
a) Schedule presentation for John Lang, Mountain View Economic Vitality Manager: Vice Chair
Robert Cox – It should be before the council meeting on September 26.
Our next meeting Oct 23
Meeting with John Lang on Sept 11.

b) Discussion on whether and how to determine if the annual meeting will be in person, on Zoom,
or both.
a. One or two members won’t be able to attend in-person.
b. Publicize the meeting to see how many people will be willing to attend in-person or
c. Audio/Visual is manageable.
d. General meeting in early December

(5) (7:55PM) CERT update: CERT chair Sherril Brennan or representative
• Shake-out took place in June (very successful) – Earthquake drill
• CERT grant approved.
(6) (8:00PM) Announcement of vacancy on Parking Subcommittee: Subcommittee Chair Robert Cox
• Lost two members of Parking sub-committee – Need to recruit.
(7) Need a nominating committee
(8) (8:05) OMVNA SWAG: Social Chair Kristin Bailey
• New T-shirt design to be sold at ice cream social and available online. Key chain, tote bag, etc.
(9) (8:10PM) OMVNA Leadership Team and other volunteers for Ice Cream Social: Social Chair Kristin
• Tables: Ice cream, fire truck, CERT, SWAG table, CHAC, MV visual art, Hopes Corner, music.

• Need help with clean-up, setup.
• Name tags with Leadership Committee printed
(10) (8:25PM) Discussion of Amendment to OMVNA Bylaws certifying that Subcommittee Chairs may
vote at regular OMVNA Steering Committee Meetings:
Vice Chair Robert Cox, Social Chair Kristin Bailey, etc.
• Subcommittee Chairs: Kristin Bailey, Jerry Steach, Sherril Brennan
• Put the exact text of change to the bylaws on the website and also in the Newsletter
(11) (8:40PM) Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair Member Reports
• Chair David Lewis – Nothing to report
• Vice Chair Robert Cox – Nothing to report
• Secretary Jamsheed Agahi – Nothing to report
• Treasurer Larry Rush – A few fees coming up.
• Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh – Next meeting Sept 4.
• Newsletter Susan Bickford – Good balance of information and fun things.
• At Large: Lorraine Wormald & Max Hauser – Nothing to report
• Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach – Nothing to add
• Parking: Robert Cox & Jamil Shaikh – Nothing to add
• Social: Kristin Bailey – insurance for ice cream social (work with David Lewis)
(12) (8:55) Adjourn Meeting
Secretary: Jamsheed Agahi

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