Zoning District Update – April 2021

 R3 (Multiple-Family Residential) Zoning District Update 


The purpose of this Study Session is for the City Council to provide direction to staff on Draft R3 (Multiple-Family Residential) Zoning District standards, materials, and concepts. 


The R3 project implements City Council Goal II: “Improve the quantity, diversity, and affordability of housing by providing opportunities for subsidized, middle-income, and ownership housing.” The R3 project will “review and propose revisions to the R3 Zone standards that consider form-based zoning, incentivizing stacked flats, and updated rowhouse guidelines.” On November 12, 2019, the City Council authorized the scope of work and budget for this work, which included hiring Opticos as the project’s lead consultant. 

This Study Session memorandum discusses the following: 

• A summary of recent City Council and Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) meetings and public workshops; 

• Proposed R3 framework and standards approach; 

• Other topics; and 

• Key next steps. 


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