Aaron’s Perfect Stocking Stuffer

by Aaron Grossman

Interested in getting one or two 2-way radios for $10 each? They are very handy for communicating when outside hiking, at a flea market, or the like.

They become absolutely essential during a disaster if regular communications systems fail. For this reason OMVNA CERT is putting together a bulk purchase of Uniden GMR1235 FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios or an equivalent and offering them at a price of $10 each or $20 per pair to any resident of OMV.

Search online for Uniden GMR1235 for more information about the radio. Contact CERT chair Aaron Grossman at aagrossman@yahoo.com ASAP if you want a radio (or two)—we’ll go ahead with the order once 10 radios are requested.

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