Laura’s December Letter

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We began this year with a very contentious election and ended it with the tragic loss of a much loved neighbor.  Prior to the last election a neighbor wisely pointed out that this “is just a Neighborhood Association.”  Despite tempers flaring on a few occasions over new developments or OMVNAtalk moderation glitches, that perspective still remains true.  Our neighborhood may be in a constant state of evolution but it is not in a state of radical change.  Our foundation in OMV seems to keep us centered, for the most part, and moving forward in a productive and positive way.
As I think towards the coming year I am reminded of 70 words put together by a group of self-proclaimed thinkers in a list called “What Matters Now” (  The list included words like ease, empathy, gumption, sleep, leap, focus, women, generosity and fear.   In my last letter from the Chair I’d like to leave you with ten words that I think matter for our neighborhood as we enter 2011:

  1. 1Perspective-Imagine a viewpoint different than your own and use it to guide your actions.
  2. Healing-Do what is needed to rid yourself of anger, it is only making you suffer.
  3. Passion-Find the one thing that will excite you when you wake up in the morning and use that energy to fuel the rest of your day.
  4. Connection-Studies show the more human connections you have, the healthier and happier you will be.  Try to make a new connection every day.
  5. Trust- Trust goes hand in hand with cooperation and respect and is strengthened through the test of time. Without trust we would get nothing done.
  6. Family-Depend on your family, however you define them.  Share with them your fears so that you don’t have to carry them alone.
  7. Participation-Be a part of something larger than yourself, even if it’s just for one day.
  8. Selfishness-Take the time to do something just for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.
  9. Future-Think about what you would like our neighborhood and our world to be like twenty years from now.  Find ways to move towards to that ideal.
  10. Joy- Don’t wait for Joy to come to you, it comes from within.  It is a mindset.

I wish you the best for the Holidays and the coming year.  Always remember that you are part of a larger family here in Old Mountain View.


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