A New Way to Save Energy in Mountain View

by Elizabeth Sarmiento

Mountain View has city-wide Wi-Fi, OMVNA summer parties, Summer Night Movies, and Thursday Night Live, but that’s not all–starting this summer, a new home energy savings program is available to all Mountain View residents, and it’s free!
Energy Upgrade Mountain View (EUMV) is a City-sponsored initiative offering free home energy assessments to the first 1,500 homeowners and renters that sign up, through May 2012. Residents can go to www.EnergyUpgradeMV.org to sign up. The free online software provides participants with a home energy profile and associated analysis. Using data from a PG&E SmartMeter, residents will be assigned to a follow-up program that matches their energy use profile: low energy usage, high energy usage, most energy for heating or cooling, and homes with typical energy usage. The no-cost programs include an in depth online audit, an in-home energy assessment or installation of an instant electricity monitor. Participants are also eligible for home improvement rebates offered by Energy Upgrade California. EUMV is funded through the Federal Stimulus program (ARRA). All Mountain View residents can participate in this program. Signing up for EUMV is simple and shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes. Click on “Sign Up Now” at www.EnergyUpgradeMV.org. You’ll need an e-mail address and an online PG&E account ( you can create one if necessary at www.pge.com). For more info visit energyupgradeMV.org, or call Elizabeth Sarmiento at 650-962-9876 ext. 354.
To get more involved in energy efficiency-related activities contact Elizabeth at elizabeths@acterra.org or the telephone above.

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