R3 Rezoning Update April 2021

Presented by Vice-Chair Robert Cox

• Review
• What’s New?
• Key Issues
• What’s Next?
• For Reference

Review: Mountain View’s R3 Rezoning

• R3 parcels currently consist primarily of townhomes and smaller two-story apartment buildings

• Good examples in our neighborhood are Glenwood (SW corner of Villa and Calderon) and the two-story apartment buildings like Monte Vista on the 200 block of Bush Street.

• Two outreach meetings with the public were held over Zoom in 4th quarter of 2020

• Attended by around 50 Mountain View residents and housing advocates from other cities

• City-hired consultant noted that many older apartment buildings will not be redeveloped unless zoning changes

• Discussed zoning changes including density increases (2-3x), reductions in parking requirements (1 or few parking spaces per unit), reductions in park fees and open space requirements, roof top decks

• Transitions to existing buildings, including existing single-family residences, were a point of discussion

• Significant up-zoning can help the council meet its RHNA obligation (But is it really needed?)

• SB-330’s requirement that demolished rent controlled units be replaced adds significantly to the up-zoning needed to make a property feasible for redevelopment

• Rents in Mountain View have fallen 30-50% since last year, is rezoning for increased housing appropriate now?

• Taking back an up-zoning once it is given can raise legal challenges (“taking” of a property’s value) and is currently not allowed on residentially zoned lots due to recent state legislation.

• The EPC (Environmental Planning Commission) and Council will hold study sessions in early in 2021 (Done!)

Read More: R3-Rezoning Presentation below…


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