Minutes — September 19, 2022


Steering committee and subcommittee personnel: David Lewis, Robert Cox, Susan Bickford, Larry Rush, Lorraine Wormald, Jerry Steach, Max Hauser, Kristin Bailey, Sherril Brennan, Maureen Blando 

Community members:  Nancy Stuhr, Melanie Kaye, Jamsheed Agahi 


(1)     Call to order: Chair David Lewis. Meeting came to order at 7:33 PM. 

(2)     Call for additional agenda items: Chair David Lewis 

          No additional items.  

(3)     Approval of minutes from last meeting: Then-Secretary Annette Nielsen.  

Question from Robert Cox: In the previous meeting minutes, who was the “Bob” who was disappointed at the number signed up for CERT. It was Bob Maitland.  

Motion to accept minutes of the July 25, 2022, meeting: Robert Cox 

Second: Susan Bickford 


  1. Confirming the time and place of the next OMVNA meeting: Chair David Lewis 

    Annual meeting date: Dec. 12, 2022 via Zoom 

    Next regular meeting: Jan. 30, 2023 via Zoom  

    Newsletter planned for Weds., Feb. 8, 2023 from the printer; delivery Feb. 10-12  


    Kristin Bailey: meeting dates are added to the website. 

  2. CERT: To approve OMVNA taking ownership of CERT trailer, David Lewis 

    David Lewis: Talked to Aaron about moving the trailer. 

    Aaron will file form with DMV. Then OMVNA will be the owner. No money exchanged. David needs approval from Board to transfer to OMVNA. No vehicle insurance needed.  

    Sherril: there have been break-ins.  

    The trailer is located at Fairmont Park, backs up to El Camino.  

    Value of contents – City gives $800 to $1,000 per year, which is invested in equipment.  

    Sherril Brennan estimates $5,000 contents value.  

    David Lewis to check into insurance with insurance agent for non-profits for $5,000 contents.  

    Robert Cox will ask Cuesta Park what they are doing re insuring their CERT trailer.  

    Perhaps $10 filing fee.  

    Motion to approve transfer ownership of CERT trailer to OMVNA: Max Hauser 

    Second: Lorraine Wormald 



  3. Discussion and motion on an outreach meeting for Castro Commons concept: Vice Chair Robert Cox 


    Have had two outreach meetings already with GPR, who owns property to north and east of the location. They would like another outreach meeting with OMVNA. 

    City Staff said that they did not intend to take an application from developer to build on Hope St. The City has sent Robert Cox an official letter stating this. 

    Do we want to offer GPR another meeting and do we want to put any restrictions on it?  

    Max Hauser: Could Robert make a proposal as to how to proceed. 

    Robert: Have the outreach meeting. Read City’s letter at beginning of meeting. OMVNA would set up and manage the Zoom.  

    A long discussion ensued as to whether to have another meeting and if so, what the conditions should be.  

    Sample of discussion:  

    Lorraine W.: Would it be appropriate to say that we want to see the proposal without closing Hope St.  

    Melanie Kaye: Two ways to approach. Developer would like an opportunity to propose why they think the better proposal would be to close Hope St.  

    Robert: City will not accept a formal or informal proposal which shows closing Hope St. 

    Lorraine W: I would like to see what the designs which do not include closing Hope St. look like. 

    David Lewis: Developer should be asked to show other options in addition to the proposal including closing Hope St.  

    Melanie: Developer is short on options because the City got negative input about the Develper buying Hope St and ruled out the sale of Hope St.  

    Robert Cox: GPR has several plans. We can tell them that OMVNA will only have a meeting if we see proposals in addition to the proposal which includes closing Hope St.  

    Susan: If their (GPR) purpose is to garner support for closing Hope St., they are not going to get it.  

    Jerry: GPR may be trying to wear us down.  

    Susan: OMVNA Steering Committee will not vote on this project.  

    Lorraine: Local residents want to know what is going on. What is the current timeline? 

    Robert C: It’s on hold because GPR has not submitted a proposal which does not call for closing Hope St.  

    Melanie: As many people as possible need to know what the options are. 

    David Lewis: We have not seen any options. We, OMVNA, have only seen one proposal, that is, closing Hope St. I want to hear about the options. I don’t want to have a third meeting where we only hear about the option closing Hope St. 

    Robert Cox: They did propose one development which built on Gateway Park. And one option where Hope St. was closed. 

    Melanie: Every time I go to a meeting with GPR they have been extremely responsive. I wanted to see a 3D model and they made one.  

    Lorraine W: Our point is do we want to have a meeting to discuss this with them?  
    After much discussion, a motion was passed to allow the outreach meeting to proceed, subject to the following conditions: 

            (1) OMVNA would set up the Zoom meeting 

            (2) We would read the letter from the city staff at the beginning of the presentation 

            (3) GPR and the OMVNA steering committee would agree on an agenda for the meeting 

            (4) GPR would present at least one project concept consistent with the city’s requirement of not building on Gateway Park or Hope Street.  

    They could also present the concept building on Hope Street if they would like. 

    Robert Cox will contact GPR to propose this. OMVNA will control the Zoom.  

    Motion: Robert Cox 

    Second: Max Hauser 

    Passed roll call vote of Steering Committee  
  4. Vote to accept Maureen Blando as a replacement for Annette Nielsen as OMVNA Secretary 

    Proviso: Maureen Blando would be temporary replacement until next steering committee is installed.
    Motion to appoint Maureen: Max 

    Second: Robert Cox 

    All in favor: Pass 

    Note: Next election is in December. 
  5. Vote to approve nominating committee slate for 2023 OMVNA steering committee elections: Nomination Committee Chair, Jerry Steach 

    Nominating committee: Jerry Steach, Julia Ha, Paul Lansky, 

    Slate was approved by committee and presented, see below, Attachment 1. 

    Motion to accept slate: Robert Cox 

    Second: Max Hauser 

    Vote: Approved 
  6. Update on OMVNA City Council Candidate Forum: Forum Committee Chair Robert Cox 

    Robert Cox: The Forum will be two weeks from tonight, on Zoom (Oct. 3, 2022). 

    R. Cox would like to put announcement out on OMNVA Talk and Nextdoor to solicit questions.  

    Consensus: OK.  

  7. Review of 705 West Dana office/restaurant proposal: Vice Chair Robert Cox 

    Robert Cox: 10-15 people attended the recent outreach meeting. Key issue revolved around parking. Three different parking plans. None would provide anywhere near the number of spaces needed.  

    The developer can pay in lieu fees but there is no parking project toward which the in-lieu fees would go. 
  8. MVHA seeking treasurer and membership chair: Vice Chair Robert Cox 

    MV Historical Association. Robert Cox on nominating comm. Let R. Cox know of candidates. 

  9. Water rates: current and pending legislation: Vice Chair Robert Cox 

    Tony lntravia (sp?) let Robert know that the City is only allowed to charge for the cost of the water. Cannot charge more and put the funds in the general fund. Tony is raising a question as to whether the tiering is consistent with that policy. Tony is investigating and would be happy to talk to us further. Or reach out to Tony.  

    David Lewis: It’s an interesting question. They are just waiting for some city to sue re their water rates.  

          (13) Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair member reports 

                             (a)   Chair David Lewis – nothing to report 

                             (b)   Vice Chair Robert Cox – nothing 

                             (c)   Secretary: Maureen Blando – nothing 

           (d)   Treasurer Larry Rush – Treasurer’s report, see below, Attachment 2 

                             (e)   Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh – not present  

                             (f)    Newsletter Susan Bickford – see below  

                             (g)   At Large: Lorraine Wormald and Max Hauser – nothing 

                             (h)   Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach – nothing to report 

                             (i)    Parking: Robert Cox & Jamil Shaikh – see below 

                             (j)    Social committee: Kristin Bailey – see below   

    Newsletter, Susan Bickford: Reviewed articles upcoming in next newsletter. Due date for articles is Weds., 9/21.  

    Political ads are skimpy – may fit in an 8-page issue.  

    We will make additional money this year, but not as much as in the past.  

    Kristin would like an ad in lieu of her team’s work. OK. 

    Ad manager, Seema, will not continue. Susan will not produce the newsletter without an ad manager.  

    Net/net: An ad manager is needed. Will be publicized.  

    Parking, Robert covered above. 
    Social Committee, Kristin Bailey: $500 total spent on the ice cream social.  

    Sold about 500 tickets. 456 scoops.  

    $537 came in; some donations.  

    $1 per ice cream. 

    Spent $400 on ice cream. 

    Spent $400 on a band. They were awesome.  

    The printer (posters) will get a comped ad as they have not charged us for all their work.  

    There are four upcoming events, always on the website:  

    Chalk it up; Friendsgiving Potluck; Hot Chocolate; Caroling Crawl. 

    Motion to adjourn: 

    Robert Cox at 9:02 PM 

    Second: Jerry Steach 
    Respectfully submitted by Maureen Blando, OMVNA Secretary 
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