Minutes — July 26, 2021

Present:  Regular SC and subcommittee personnel except CERT representative and Sam Blewis (M. Hauser acting as Secretary); community members Maureen Blando, R G (“Rishi”).

(1) Call to order: Chair David Lewis.  Meeting came to order 7:33PM.

(2) Call for additional agenda items: Chair David Lewis.  (None.)

(3) Approval of minutes from last meeting: Chair David Lewis and Secretary Samantha Blewis.  Moved (Bickford), 2nd (Shaikh), passed.

(4) Confirming the time and place of the next OMVNA meeting(s): Chair David Lewis.  Oct. 25 planned, at which time, date of the next meeting (annual General meeting) can be finalized.  Tentatively, General meeting will be Monday Dec. 13, by Zoom.

(5) CERT update: CERT chair Sherril Brennan or representative.  (Absent; no update.)

(6) Color of Law Project, Opportunity for involvement: Vice Chair Robert Cox.  MVHA (Historical Ass’n) and MV Human Relations Comm. are partnering with a Dr. Michael Kahan; topics include restrictive covenants in historical property contracts.  Michael Kahan will follow up via OMVNAtalk.  It was noted that Mountain View is unusually representative of Bay-Area-wide demographics, among local cities.

(7) Announcement of Neighborhood Meeting to discuss redevelopment of 747 West Dana Street: Vice Chair Robert Cox

(8) Formation of Nominating Committee for 2021 OMVNA Elections: Chair David Lewis.  Jerry Steach will again chair this Committee.  S. Bickford noted that Kristin Bailey is moving out of managing the Newsletter advertising; this role needs someone to support Newsletter Editor.  Next year is an election year, with a concomitant need to solicit advertisers.

(9) Development and City Issue update: Vice Chair Robert Cox.  (A detailed review followed, including prepared materials, to be posted on OMVNA website.)

(10) Ice Cream Social Planning Update: Lorraine Wormald for Ice Cream Social Chair Samantha Blewis.  “Covid-compliant” ICS planned for August 22.

(11) Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair member reports
     (a)   Chair David Lewis
     (b)   Vice Chair Robert Cox
     (c)   Secretary: Samantha Blewis
     (d)   Treasurer Larry Rush
     (e)   Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh:  Next DTC meeting will be in September.
     (f)   Newsletter Susan Bickford
     (g)   At Large: Larry Rosenberg and Lorraine Wormald
     (h)   Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach:  Ames Building (169-175 Castro) up for sale.
     (i)   Parking: Robert Cox & Jamil Shaikh

•  Schedule reminder: At this July meeting, Annual “General” and election meeting was tentatively set for Monday Dec. 13 7:30PM by Zoom.

Adjournment: Chair David Lewis.  Meeting adjourned 8:56PM.

— Max Hauser, acting OMVNA Secretary

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