Madera Modifications Hearing

Gilli Rules to Accept Roof Access Change on Evelyn Ave Complex

By  Robert Cox

On April 25, 2012, Zoning Admiistrator Peter Gilli held a hearing on modifications to Prometheus’s Madera (Minton’s) project, now under construction at 455 West Evelyn Avenue.

Despite unanimous opposition from 40 residents who came to discuss the project, Mr. Gilli rued to accept the modifications to the roof access structures, moving the last impediment to the use of a new rooftop recreation area. This area was the subject of some controversy, because it was added after the project was approved by council, without any notification to council or the neighborhood.

During the public comment section, residents voiced concerns about the potential noise from the rooftop area, which includes speakers for music and a large-screen television. OMVNA Vice Chair Robert Cox presented a petition from 115 residents asking that the complex be built as originally designed and appealed to Prometheus Vice President Jon Moss to remove the TV and speakers from the deck as a sign of good faith toward the neighborhood.

Mr. Moss defended the project and insisted that Prometheus would deal with any disturbances that might arise on the property, refusing to offer any modifications. California Street resident Julie Lovins proposed converting the rooftop to an environmentally friendly green roof. Another impassioned appeal came from Mountain View Patch columnist Joni Ratts, who raised concerns about the eroding trust of residents in city staff and developers building in Mountain View, a theme echoed by several residents. In his closing statement, Mr. Gilli noted that if he had the authority, he might ask Prometheus to change the use of the rooftop area to one more acceptable to the neighbors, but at this point he could not rule against it.

Concerned residents have the option to appeal the decision to council within 10 days of its official filing with payment of a $1000 filing fee. Residents opposing the modifications can still send an email to to add their name to the petition.

The Madera Project: Artist's Rendering

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