Letter from the Chair

We are lucky to live in Old Mountain View.  It is a place where each of us, despite our differences, our busy lives, and the changing world around us, belong.  As I look to the coming year I am excited about the opportunity to build on this foundation and to find new ways to make our community even stronger.

One thing is clear.  We live in a dynamic urban center that is evolving on a daily basis. The 2010 Steering Committee is dedicated to providing you with information on critical issues in a manner that is unbiased, timely and useful.  But the Steering Committee cannot replace your active voices in our city’s government.  With several City Council elections slated for the end of this year it is more important than ever to learn more about the city that you call home.  Whether it’s attending a City Council meeting or simply a “Chat with the Mayor” I encourage everyone to find a way to get involved.

Our Neighborhood Association likewise is in need of helping hands.  The Steering Committee is filled with individuals with new ideas and the energy to execute, but we are only eight people out of a community of 7,000.  We welcome your viewpoints.  We want to hear your ideas and need your help to make them a reality.

So let’s get to work. Start by simply shaking the hand of a neighbor you have not yet met.  Pick up the empty cup lying on the street. Or perhaps do even more.  Join CERT, organize block parties, or participate on an OMVNA subcommittee. One thing is for sure. Each of you who decides that this community can and will be the best it can be will be an inspiration, a shining light. In one year from now, when we look back at the decisions we made and the new direction we took, we will be proud. We will be proud of ourselves and proud to belong to this wonderful community.

Laura Lewis

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