You Oughta Be in Pictures

by Deb Keller

Old Mountain Viewers, join us in making videos, taking advantage of our local cable access facilities at KMVT. It’s fun, and it’s easy.

You’ll be part of a crew of 10 behind the scenes. Because the crew is broken down to 10 discrete tasks, each job is simple. There’s no commitment: you can participate whenever it’s convenient for you. To be on a crew, you will need to take a three-night course at KMVT at a cost of $85.

In addition, you can take a course on some new hi-def cameras KMVT just purchased. Once you’ve completed the course, you can use the hi-def camera, tripod, Lowell light kit and mic for just $40/day (as long as you’re using it for the public access shows).

The facilities at the studio on MiddlefiledRoad include a 900 square foot sound-proofed sound stage, lighting grid, green screen, three Sony DXC-327 cameras, and a complete control room.

We have three shows scheduled for airing on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM.

May: Our first show features an interview with Mountain View 2011 Mayor and current Councilman Jac Siegel, interviewed by Robert Cox.

June: The second show features former Mayor and Councilmember Laura Macias making guacamole with Robert Cox while talking Mountain View politics. A second part features Laura and her dog Tucker, hosted by Jack Perkins.

July: Our third show features Charles Dupre, our own OMV Elvis impersonator, singing some of the King’s hits, accompanied by dancers.

 What does the future hold? It’s up to anyone participating. We can do anything from interviewing candidates for the upcoming elections in November, to a Wayne’s World, to a soap opera (Okay, so maybe a soap opera is a little ambitious).

Our thanks to Robert Cox who has served as host on the three segments produced so far; Jack Perkins for crewing and his interview with Laura Macias and Tucker; Carter Colemanfor crewing on other shows (so that we have crews for ours) and taking the Producer’s class. I have taken the field course so that we have access to the hi-def cameras.

So instead of plopping in front of your giant flatscreen in the evening, get out and socialize and participate in making a show. Email me at with any questions.

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