From the Chair: Facing 2009

by Noam Livnat

Despite initial hopes to the contrary, the euphemistically-described “economic downturn” hasn’t, after all, spared Silicon Valley and Mountain View. It didn’t even spare OMVNA: advertising revenues from our newsletter, which fund not only the substantial cost of the newsletter itself but also most of our other activities, are down significantly. Our income dropped so much, in fact, that it is not likely to cover this year’s budget.

Thankfully, however, OMVNA has a long-standing policy of maintaining cash reserves that will cushion this blow and will allow us to continue operating properly. And while we, like everybody else, will need to do more with less, we look forward to an exciting year.

Our first general meeting of the year on Tuesday, Feb. 10, is titled “Getting Greener in 2009” and will feature a panel of three local experts discussing various approaches to going green. At the end of August we will host our yearly ice-cream social that has become a lively neighborhood tradition. The Holiday Mixer last December was so successful we hope it starts another tradition. And other things are in store for 2009: we intend to follow a new real-estate development project proposal on Minton’s current location that might be considered by the City, and, after a complete redesign in 2008, our website will be further improved and expanded.

Like any other community and volunteer organization, our success mainly depends on initiative and involvement. Some of it will come from the Steering Committee, but much can be done without formal involvement with OMVNA. For example, we’re thinking about sponsoring a team for Mountain View’s Relay for Life event this May and would love to get your help in organizing and participating. If you’re not a member of our Yahoo Group (OMVNATalk) please join it to participate in discussions and to learn about what happens here, when it happens.

Happy New Year!

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