The Smile Between the Rain Storms

The sky was blue and filled with as much hope as the eggs nestled in the grass. You could not have planned a more beautiful morning. The deluge of rain paused long enough on March 30, 2024 for the THIRD annual Neighborhood Egg Crawl. From 10-noon, over 300 HUNTERS scurried along the streets of Old MV. Armed with a basket and a map, Hunters found their way to volunteer HIDER yards, who hid eggs that morning with delicious intent.

Behind the scenes, the late-night algorithm bunny took the stats to determine how many egg stops each hunter will have on their maps. 300 Hunters, 77 Hiders, 48 eggs per yard = 10-12 eggs per basket. 7 best possible routes were mustered from all the yards scattered across the neighborhood and assigned at random. 

All Hiders were volunteer neighbors who supplied the treat-filled eggs and yards. This event would not be possible without the kindness and contribution of these neighbors. We hope their heart meters are brimming from Hunter smiles and delight. And from the Old Mountain View Eventors, we express an eggnormous THANK YOU. •

Photos from the day…

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