Emergency Response


OMVNA CERT is a volunteer group of about 54 Local
Coordinators and Radio People that helps our neighborhood
prepare for and endure local disasters. We show neighbors how to
prepare, to put aside 3-5 days of food, water, and key supplies for
their household adults, children, & pets: water, food, flashlights,
meds, and camping stove. During a disaster we provide basic
neighborhood communication and coordination via GMRS radios
and HAM radio link to MV OES (Office of Emergency Services).

Our mission is preparation and communication, always using
common sense. We do NOT hand out food and water. Volunteers
only safely provide assistance they are qualified and trained for,
and will radio for specialized help as appropriate.
We still need many more responsible and civic-minded local
volunteers to properly cover all of Old Mountain View. Graduates
of the MV city CERT training are particularly needed, and those
with medical, HAM radio, or other disaster-related skills.
However, special training is not a prerequisite. If you are
interested, we would be happy to talk to you.

Joining OMVNA CERT is an easy 45 minute orientation. After
that, a volunteer is considered active if they participate in any two
or more CERT activities each year. These can be any of our first
Sunday CERT radio checks each month (830 pm sharp, ch 21),
meetings, exercises, drills, MV CERT classes, or any other CERT-
related activity whether in-person or online. Spouses and partners
are welcome so they can help out.

To join, volunteers need their own 22 channel GMRS 2-way
radio* and a Go-kit (small emergency backpack). MV CERT class
grads get a backpack, helmet, and some other MV items on
completion. To that we add a waterproof flashlight, covered
clipboard, mini-med kit, a preparation guide, and other disaster
materials, and we can provide backpacks and helmets if needed to
non-MV CERT grads.

Email info@omvna-cert.org or go to www.omvna-cert.org online.

* i.e. Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio ($44/pair on Amazon).