Minutes – January 22, 2024

1.  Chair David Lewis – call to order 

Abbreviation of names:

SB – Susan Bickford

KB – Kristin Bailey 

RC – Robert Cox

SN – Shivika Nayyar

CT – Carola Thompson

LW – Lorraine Wormald

MH – Max Hausner

DV – Deborah Vasquez

2.  Call for additional agenda items:  Chair David Lewis

3.  Approval of minutes from last meeting:  Former Secretary Jamsheed Agahi or Current Secretary Deborah Vasquez

4.  Confirming time and place of next OMVNA steering committee meeting:  

– Newsletter will be on May 1st

– April 29th will be next meeting on Zoom, easier and can include more members online

5.  Introduction to and voting on amendments to the bylaws:

– SB moved to accept the bylaws

– 20 voted to agree

6. Review and approve Social Committee Eventors budget:

– KB said it costs around $306.00/event for around $4,200 total, there were around 5-6 events

– Prices were for permit, supplies, and insurance for ice cream social

7.  Review and approve website budget and request for Webmaster:

– KB said new website would be super complicated and it’s on wordpress at this time, it works but not amazing

– RC said it’s very hard role to fill for webmaster, will try to post to neighborhood OMVNA talk, need someone with talent and big heart

– SN asked how many hours for the webmaster and wordpress is a bit difficult

– SB said around 10 hours per month estimation

– RC moved to approve the budget of $254.85 and it passed everyone agreed

8.  Help Ava’s Outreach and Budget Request:

– DV said 2/9 Invite Wine and Food Pairing Party at Ava’s – “A Taste of Love at Ava’s” 6-8pm

Other Ways to help?:  

– Write a heart to support Juan at his store, paste on his window to make his event attractive and increase storefront visibility

– Enter Valentine’s Day drawing basket raffle

– RC said Juan maybe has more “I love Ava’s” signs

– SN said way to support is to also use his Ava’s bags, $2.00 each and good quality

– SB said too late to include this in the upcoming newsletter, will put a byline on who to contact to help

– Will probably put the event on OMVNA talk to encourage residents to go

– SB moved to reimburse Deborah ($93.84) for Ava’s Poster, 1 abstained – reason have to do it in a more planned way.

– Will follow up in a email offline with eventors event – Kristin, Deborah and Carola can meet up

– CT said would be good to set aside $2-400 dollars to help Ava’s with signage

9.  Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair Member Reports

a) Chair: David Lewis – 

Julie Q hair salon closed.    

b) Vice Chair: Robert Cox – 

On 25th there is a Zoom on homelessness strategy for the City of Mtn View which they take seriously.  Consider attending and giving input.  Need to register.

c) Secretary: Deborah Vasquez – 

Help Kristin with the fallen signs, adopt a sign if you can see it on a map.  It’s difficult for one person to manage all.  KB said she will send the map around and there will be a more formal sign up.  KB said please pick up if you see and let her know if they are damaged or ripped.    

d) Treasurer: Carola Thompson – 

New bank account, debit card arrived.  Sent a check for insurance for Ice Cream social with a replacement check.  Currently looking at Venmo and opportunities for earning interest.  

SB – Venmo is not a great platform because it is also a social platform.  However, use more for the convenience factor.

SN – Zelle gets interest and can go direct into bank account

CT – Zelle may have security concerns, but will look more into it

 Jamil – put stop note on previous insurance check if audited

CT – That account for that check is closed so no worries

CT – Closing balance for this month is $24,005.23

e) Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh

2/6 8am in person meeting

f) Newsletter Susan Bickford

– Young people being involved in the newsletter, great to see!  Many more articles are being written.

– Will send a note about the Valentine’s section to everyone

– Spanish translation would be good idea

g) At large Lorrain Wormald and Max Hausner

– LW Short 6-8 carriers for newsletter delivery

– MH Propose Move off Network Solutions, save $70.00 will discuss with Treasurer

h) Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach

1-300 block of Castro St – read about it in the newsletter

i) Parking – Robert Cox and Jamil Shaikh

Parking issues – only 3 people on the parking team.  Put in OMVNA talk to encourage more people to join.  

j) Social – Kristin Bailey

Plan all events going forward

– take into account school and city events for timing of events

– announce events in next newsletter

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