Will You Be Ready Enough When “The Big One” Hits?

Fact: there is a 67% likelihood of an earthquake measuring 6.7 or more within 30 years, according to the USGS. When the Big One comes we need to be ready to survive without outside services up to 3 days.  Will you bitterly regret not being prepared as you scrounge around for supplies to keep your family fed and warm?

Have you analyzed your needs and prepared? Do you have a plan, a list of contacts, 3 days of emergency supplies stored in a safe place, and a back up for special needs such as refrigerated medication?  If water lines fail and the toilet won’t flush, what will you do?  There are solutions, but only if you bought them ahead of when you’ll need them.

Overwhelmed?  Have no fear, help is here! Years ago our neighborhood organized a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Today OMVNA CERT has 50 neighborhood volunteers who will act as coordinators and radio communicators during an emergency. They hold monthly radio checks and yearly training sessions.

Important note: CERT volunteers will NOT provide water, food, or shelter to others! That is every family’s responsibility. However, excellent information about supplies you’ll need is listed to the right and online at www.omvna.org/cert.

If you have questions or might be interested in joining our CERT (it takes very little time), please contact Aaron Grossman at aagrossman@yahoo.com.

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