Zoning District Update – April 2021

 R3 (Multiple-Family Residential) Zoning District Update 


The purpose of this Study Session is for the City Council to provide direction to staff on Draft R3 (Multiple-Family Residential) Zoning District standards, materials, and concepts. 


The R3 project implements City Council Goal II: “Improve the quantity, diversity, and affordability of housing by providing opportunities for subsidized, middle-income, and ownership housing.” The R3 project will “review and propose revisions to the R3 Zone standards that consider form-based zoning, incentivizing stacked flats, and updated rowhouse guidelines.” On November 12, 2019, the City Council authorized the scope of work and budget for this work, which included hiring Opticos as the project’s lead consultant. 

This Study Session memorandum discusses the following: 

• A summary of recent City Council and Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) meetings and public workshops; 

• Proposed R3 framework and standards approach; 

• Other topics; and 

• Key next steps. 


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Neighborhood Meeting April 26th

To all Old Mountain View residents and property owners, 

The Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA) will hold its second regular steering committee meeting of 2021 on Monday, April 26, 2021, 7:30PM. 

All Old Mountain View residents and property owners are invited to attend. 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we will NOT be meeting at our regular location. We will instead hold a Zoom meeting.

In addition to our normal agenda items we will:

  1. An update on the council’s discussion of rezoning of R3 parcels (those with small multifamily apartment buildings).
  2. An update on potential park redevelopment and prosed new park land in our neighborhood.
  3. An update on the city’s grant program for this year.
  4. Have a COVID-19 update from our Santa Clara County COVID-19 Ambassador David Lewis

Residents may also raise issues at the call for additional agenda items at the beginning of the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing all attendees in this special Zoom format.

 — Robert Cox, OMVNA Vice-Chair

OMVNA online www.omvna.org

Facebook www.fb.com/omvna and

twitter @OMVNA

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Congratulations to all our winners!

They were selected at random from all the entries received in response to our postcard mailing.

Robert on Paul Ave.
Allison on Oak St
Susan on Sierra Ave.
Pablo on Loreto
Susanna on Church St.
Deborah on W Dana
Enrique on View St.
Carmen on W Dana St.
Nancy on Velarde St.
Stefan on Paul Ave.

When asked “where would you like to spend $50”, these were the top results.
Books inc.

OMVNA is happy to send

some gift card love to our

downtown businesses.

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Call for Articles: OMVNA May Newsletter

Our next newsletter will come out in early May AND it will be on paper (as well as online) and HAND DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP!

Due date for articles is: Tuesday, April 20

The number of people who have been contributing articles, pictures, notices… has been going up over time. Please consider joining your neighbors in sharing a short piece.

Because we are constrained by 8 pages, I have to be more strict out word limits.

50-100 words for an announcement or short article. I love these because there are always places where I can use them.

300 words is about 1 column.

~400 words is a longish article.

500+ words is long and we don’t have room for many of those. Check with me first if you have a long article in mind.

Topics should be things that apply to OMV in particular and MV in general. Profiles of local events, businesses, service organizations, etc. are good.

And we are finally starting to poke our heads out just a little bit. What are you doing that gives you joy and optimism? Send to me directly and I’ll make a list.

Photos and pictures welcome.

Send to: Susan the Editor

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OMVNA CERT Monthly Radio Check-in update

The Old Mountain View CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) has a brief radio check-in on the first Sunday of each month, at 8:30 PM. Beginning January 2021, we have moved to FRS/GMRS channel 2.  Our next check will be March 7th, 2021.

Our volunteer team has conducted this 5 minute radio check almost every month for more than a dozen years.  Nearly twenty of our volunteer members participate each month. 

Not a member of our CERT team but want to learn more?  Please free to visit omvna-cert.org and click the link at the top of the page (or go straight to join.omvna-cert.org)

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