Minutes – February 6, 2023

OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting 2/6/0223

• Approval of meeting minutes from last time
• Discuss and approve the budget for the 2023 social committee “OMVNA Eventors”
• Discuss how to move forward on spending for longer term items.
• Review of key items on the 2023-2024 council agenda affecting our neighborhood.
• Adjourn

Participating committee/sub-committee members
• David Lewis, Susan Bickford, Robert Cox, Kristen Beiley, Sherril Brennan, Jerry Steach, Max
Hauser, Larry Rush, Jamil Shaikh, Shivika Bayyar, Jamsheed Agahi
• And Maureen Blando – Observer?
Motion to approve meeting minutes from last meeing –
• Motion by David Lewis to approve the minutes; Second by Robert Cox; Motion passed
Time/Place of next SC meeting
• Proposed April 24th as the date of next meeting on Zoom.
CERT update:
• There was a break-in into the trailer -the large generator was missing; solar panel; batteries;
radio, etc.
Openings on MV Historical Association Board
• 2 at large positions; 1 position was held by Emily Ramos (Treasurer)
• Consolidate works done by people who worked on historical data, membership, ways and
Storefront Vacancies on Castro St. – Maureen Blando
• Some buildings (China Delight) are investments owned by people who live abroad.
o Owners of businesses don’t respond to inquiries from the City?
o Take over vacant building by Imminent Domain?
o Vacancy tax
o Waiver of the $2000 payment requirement by businesses that have been around long
time and endured the pandemic.

Eventors: Kristin –

• Action Item – A release form at events (legal advice), and insurance.
o Sponsors (neighbors) may be able to pay for insurance
• Action Item – Approval for money for insurance.
o Motion by Susan – To approve Kristen’s proposed budget of $6000. Second by Robert
Potential Spending Items
• to put up signs on historical mountain view sites; In the process of finding out more.
• Portland Lou inside Mercy/Bush Park – City not receptive since they’ll have to maintain it.
• Give $1000 grant to worthy non-profits in neighborhood.
• Swags – to sell them at events
o Shivika – Volunteering at Hopes Garden; neighborhood clean-up; Swags at community

• Kristin – Discuss on email the proposal to spend some money on swags for upcoming events.
Development Update: Robert Cox
• Goal setting meeting for next 2 years hasn’t happened.
• City passed the deadline of approval of housing element. The city subject to Builder’s Remedy. A
big push to try to close the gap for affordable housing.
• Letter has been sent to the City to get an approved housing element.
Steering Committee Reports
• David
o One list for voting members of SC
o Another list for SC members, subcommittee chairs, newsletter people, newsletter
distribution people, etc.
o Actions Item for David – Let people know who’s on the list; communicate this in an

• Treasurer’s Report – We have $30,466.
• Parking: David – A meeting coming up about the 72-hour parking ordinance.
o Robert – Robert Green Co. has agreed to do another meeting with us; Participating in
MVPDX – Report in a future meeting. Newsletter article?
Social Chair: Kristin – Shared information about upcoming events.
Motion to end meeting by Robert; motion passed unanimously.

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