Medical Cannabis Dispensary:

by Brian David

Through the trials and tribulations of adolescence in the ‘80s, I must admit that I used cannabis. Fast forward to 1996. California passes the Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215) to allow medicinal use of cannabis. The State Senate then followed up with SB 420 to help clarify the rules in 2002.

Over the years, my work as a machinist and tow-truck driver took its toll on
my body, and I have developed degenerative disc disease. Chronic pain is just one of the many ailments that can be relieved through the use of medical cannabis. Personally, I use medical cannabis as a natural alternative to liver- and kidney-destroying pharmaceuticals that most doctors prescribe. I went to a doctor in San Francisco who was very informative on other methods to help get my back into shape and also gave me my recommendation letter for medical marijuana.

Now I needed to find a medical cannabis dispensing collective and get some medicine. Easier said than done for a  Mountain View resident.

Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Oakland were at that time the only cities
where you could find a medical cannabis dispensary. It was then that I came up with an idea. Why not create my own collective? Shoreline Wellness Collective was to be Mountain View’s first medical cannabis dispensary.

John Inks is an acquaintance of mine, so I called him up and asked “John what
do you think about me opening a dispensary in Mountain View?” He understood
patients’ needs and suggested I bring my idea to the Council, but to have a reputable

representative lobby my request. M. Max Del Real was then retained, a professional “pot lobbyist” with experience in these matters. Things then started to move rather quickly as the then acting City Attorney Janie Quinn started her campaign against medical cannabis dispensaries in Mountain View by attempting to enact an Emergency moratorium prohibiting dispensaries.

Tom Means, the other Libertarian besides John Inks on Council, agreed that we need these dispensaries but they must be regulated (not taxed). He helped vote down this Emergency Act. Mayor Ronit Bryant also sided with the patients and had personally once considered medical cannabis for cancer treatment side effects.

A majority of our council is supportive of safe and affordable access to medical cannabis but wanted more time to “study” the issue. Two weeks later Ms. Quinn returned to Council with a modified moratorium, much to the surprise all, with a one year sunset or a permanent ban! The Council agreed to pass the one-year version with the promise to study the issue in June 2010 before the summer break.

Brian David is a fifth-generation California resident. Three of those generations
have lived in Old Mountain View on Bush Street. Mr. David has set up a Shoreline Wellness Collective as a Mutual Benefit, Not for Profit Corporation on file with the Secretary of State, and has all permits except for the Mountain View Business License.

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