Locavores Wanted!

by Carter Coleman
Old Mountain View finally has a quality grocery store on Castro Street – Ava’s Downtown Market. This is the store that Old Mountain View has been hoping for.

The former Asian market at 340 Castro Street is now owned and operated by a husband and wife dynamic duo, Juan and Ann Origel.
Juan and Ann are the nicest folks you’d want to meet, and their vision for the store is one with locally grown and produced foods and healthy food choices. The store now boasts one of the best grass-fed meat departments in Mountain View, bread from Acme, a growing dairy section from sustainable farms, and an increasingly organic selection of produce. (Visit www.avasdowntownmarket.com)

Old Mountain View, be patient! Transitioning to the store we locavores dream about is expensive and will take some time. Unlike Fresh & Easy (owned by Tesco – think UK Walmart), Ava’s does not have billions of dollars and an army of workers at their
disposal. Ava’s transition is solely powered by Ann and Juan’s sweat and equity.

Without our support the viability of our new local market is in question.
What can you do?
1. First and foremost, shop at Ava’s!
2. Sign up for the Potluck for Ava’s

OMVNA Potluck for Ava’s
Break bread, raise a glass, or eat grass-fed beef with your neighbors while you support Ava’s Downtown Market. Shannon Madison has graciously agreed to open her home for a neighborhood potluck for Ava’s. Show your support by participating in this neighborhood Potluck!

Where: “Mountain View’s Greenest Home”
When: 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Sat., March 10
What: Dish made with ingredients from Ava’s (or bottle purchased at Ava’s)
How: Simply email potluck@omvna.org

So get out of your car, get some exercise, and support Ava’s by doingwhat we do best: eating and drinking!

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