Council & EPC Vote on General Plan 2030

by Deb Keller

City Council and the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) voted on options for the General Plan 2030 (GP 2030) presented by the Planning Department in joint study sessions on January 26 and February 2.
Out of GP 2030 will roll changes in zoning ordinances for land use and densities.

The process was kicked off in 2008 with two visioning workshops with the community, followed by individual neighborhood sessions in 2009, interspersed with shareholder and all-city meetings. The Planning Department also gathered input from city departments to gauge what services were feasible (police, fire, water, sewage) for specific densities.

Out of these inputs, Options A and B in the joint study sessions to the EPC and Council. Option B was a higher-density option and generally won support. (Option A reflected the majority preferences of community input gathered at the visioning and neighborhood sessions, whereas Option B did not, according to city staff.)
Randy Tsuda, Community Development Director, will give an overview of GP 2030 at the upcoming OMVNA General Meeting on April 19.

More on the impact to the Old Mountain View community in an opinion piece on page 6.

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