Letter from the Chair: Fruit Pirates in our Midst

While I was packing my car with a week’s supply of water, camping gear, wings and furry hats for my annual pilgrimage to Burning Man, I heard a commotion. Lifting my head, I saw Joe and Donna, two of my neighbors, charging down the street and yelling at somebody. I joined them to see [...]

Favorite Places and Things in Old Mountain View

By Bruce Karney

I recently read on pps.org that great neighborhoods have ten or more great public places.  I asked OMVNAtalk for help in identifying our neighborhood’s ten best.  Because I wrote “things” when I meant to ask about places, I’m printing my original suggestion of seven wonderful places, followed by another list of [...]

Are You New in the Neighborhood?

by Julie Lovins

Old Mountain View is uniquely interesting and walk-able, offering unusual opportuni-ties to get to know your neigh-bors while enjoying the view and the exercise.

Eight times a year, you can also provide an invaluable serv-ice to the community by delivering this newsletter to homes on a couple blocks of the neighbor-hood. [...]

A Few Minutes With…Aaron Grossman

By Velva Rowell

This month I spoke to fellow OMVNA Steering Committee member Aaron Grossman. Aaron Grossman has served OMVNA as Treasurer since 1999 and CERT CoChair since around 2000. I was very interested in sitting down with him to talk about his experiences volunteering in this community.

Aaron and Anita Grossman first moved [...]

From the Editor Rediscovering the Neighborhood

by Velva Rowell

Two years ago, Dave, Evelyn and I moved out of our 1913 house in order to do a major remodel. Eighteen months later, we returned to our neighborhood and began the long process of getting reacquainted with the people and places of Old Mountain View. Some of this was accomplished in [...]

A few minutes with…Julie Lovins

by Velva Rowell

I first met Julie Lovins in 2001 when I volunteered to help deliver the OMVNA Newsletter. We got to know each other a bit better when I became editor in 2003 because she was not only the newsletter distribution coordinator but also one of my writers. I like to think that [...]

From the Chair

by Noam Livnat

As a long-time fixture of Old Mountain View, you probably saw Don riding his bicycle around town: a single hand on the handlebar, his cap hiding a balding head, and a half-smoked cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. He would often carry something on the bike – a used [...]