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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for January 14, 2008

Steering Committee Members present: Hugh Donagher, Noam Livnat, Bruce Karney,
Ken Rosenberg, Aaron Grossman, Velva Rowell, Aylet Har

Neighbors present: Jamil Shaikh, Paul Goldstein, Eric Berglund

Noam called the meeting to order at 7:40

Minutes from November and December unavailable for approval. Hugh located these
minutes on the OMVNASC Yahoo! Group and will distribute for review and approval at
the next meeting.

A discussion took place about tax issues and various filing requirements. Because of
correspondence recieved from the Franchise Tax Board indicated increasing levels of
urgency to resolve the matter, Aaron paid the $800 minimum franchise tax for 2004.
This will likely be refunded once the tax-exempt status is granted by the Franchise Tax
Board. Aaron filed FTB form 3500 in the middle of December and we should have a
response in about 90 days. With that determination letter in hand, we will petition the
IRS for tax-exempt status as well. Aaron is preparing our annual “Statemen of a
Domestic Corporation” to the Secretary of State, a filing which updates the names and
addresses of our corporate officers and carries a filing fee of $20. Hugh briefly
discussed a filing requirement with the State Attorney General’s office, the AG’s Registry
of Charitable Trusts. Based on guidance from the AG’s office, we must file the initial
paperwork, which carries a fee of $25. After review, we may be informed that we are not
subject to renewing this statement every year. If not, we will be required to file this
document in subsequent years, as well, but as long as our revenues remain under
$25,000, there will be no fee levied.

Noam opened discussion of our activities and whether we are reaching out to all
residential members of OMVNA, particularly single folks and renters. During the course
of this discussion, the committee touched on how we might reach out to renters,
particularly in larger complexes, what level of effort should be put into such outreach
and what services we would be highlighting as we reach out to renters in large
complexes. The discussion also touched on the basic purposes of OMVNA and it was
pointed out that we do get good involvement in the summer social, at the candidates’
forums and reasonably good attendance at general meetings. Bruce pointed out that
most neighborhood activism arises in the face of a perceived threat to neighborhood, or
in the case of controversial public discussions like questions regarding development.
Absent specific issues for us to advocate for or rally against, the organization operates
in a relatively low-activity state of readiness for the next public outcry, when we might
“spring into action” to play the role we have before: pollster, advocate, advisor to the city
regarding how the neighbors feel about the issue before them.

Noam will send out an email polling the single folks and renters on the list to see if/what
they'd like to see us do that might appeal to them more than the ice cream social, which
is seen largely as an event for homeowners in the neighborhood with kids.

Hugh and Ken discussed the Day Worker Center hearing that is being held tomorrow
evening, January 15th, at 6:30 pm in City Council Chambers. This is an appeal of the
Provisional Use Permit that was granted by the Zoning Administrator late last year. The
appellant bases his appeal on the argument that in approving the permit, the City may
be violating Federal Law by “aiding and abetting” people who are in the US illegally. The
City Attorney has advised Council that neither the Zoning Administrator’s issuance of
the permit or the City Council’s upholding of the permit violates Federal Law. Staff
recommendation to the Council is to “pass a resolution upholding” the permit. No
surprises are expected. Ken will attend the meeting, as he has in the past.

Eric Berglund was asked if he had anything in particular to bring up to the Steering
Committee. He replied that he had recently joined the Yahoo! Group Discussion List and
was simply educating himself on the organization and its operations.

Treasurer's Report

Having received several newsletter renewals for 2008 and a check from the City in
fulfillment of their grant for the 2007 ice cream social, and after paying the state $800 in
taxes for 2004, the balance in the general account stands at $10,701.50. Aaron
reviewed recent income and expenses.

CERT Report

The team stands at 49 members, 66 is the goal.

CERT leadership are planning an OMVNA CERT drill that may or may not be part of a
city-wide drill in March. The committee will work out the details and relay an article to
Velva for publication in the January newsletter with all the details.

Paul Goldstein participated in the recent UNSCC CERT Drill and described the
experience for the committee. He said it was interesting and educational, though not as
intense as the drills we have run locally in the past.

Newsletter Report

The schedule of due dates for the year is set. Articles are due on the folllowing dates for
publication approximately one week later:

January 23, March 12, April 23, June 4, July 23, September 3, October 15 and
December 3.

New Business

Aaron reported that the Secretary of State has informed us that a Post Office Box is no
longer a sufficient address for a registered corporation in California. Aaron volunteered
to submit his address, but was advised that this will become a matter of public record if
he does so, readily available on the web. Hugh mentioned that a Private Mail Box, such
as those rented at the UPS Store on Castro Street, will suffice as a corporate address.
Upon motion by Bruce Karney and second by Noam, it was unanimously approved that
the committee establish and maintain a Private Mail Box address at an establishment
within the Old Mountain View neighborhood, when possible, otherwise at a nearby

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.



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