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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2007


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
September 10, 2007

Call to order 7:36 p.m. Chair Ken R.

In attendance: Ken, Noam, Aaron, Bruce, Kim, Hugh

Items added to agenda:

Treasurer's Report: 9313.06 in the treasury. 718.38 in CERT funds, remainder to the general fund. Ice cream social went over budget by a negligble amount.

CERT up to 44 members, a new neighborhood map is in progress. Six people signed up at the social for information; two have progressed through orientation. Next drill will take place end of January, beginning of February.

Ice Cream Social 400-450 attendees, 400 portions of Aunt Lallie's served. Positive feedback all around. Some ice cream vendors have approached Ken about "bidding" for next year's event. Discussion regarding the pros and cons of serving up scoops of ice cream with or without mix-ins vs the Aunt Lallie's approach. Fire Department scheduling was an issue. Not sure what can be done about this, given the urgency of their actual work load. Electricity was not turned on as expected, had to call Police Department to intervene. Electricity was not available until 40 minutes after the event started. Jump houses are not a permitted activity in Mercy Bush park, but we were granted an exception. There is some question as to whether to expect this every year, with opinion leaning towards the affirmative. Cotton candy machine has seen better days, consensus leans towards not repeating that element. Noam suggested creating a pro forma agenda to guide organization of the social next year.

Exemption from payment of California Franchise Tax underway with Aaron leading the effort. Hugh mentioned resources available at Brief discussion regarding (c)4 or (c)3, the consensus being that since we don't depend on donations from the public for funding that (c)4 may be the way to go. Worst case scenario appears that the minimum of tax payment of $800 may be required of us, but still hopeful to get that excused.

Downtown Committee

Committee was advised they would receive a 10-day notice re: day worker center meetings. City is actively soliciting feedback on Thursday Night Live. A form resides on the city web site for this purpose. Outdoor dining use is being reviewed for compliance. New look for the downtown web site (Definitely Downtown). A ban on plastic chairs for sidewalk/cafe dining has been adopted. Train station is getting a 1200 sq foot cafe. Monte Carlo will have to apply for each of the four times per year they wish to hold an 18+ night and get approval from the city for each. Overall experience will effect the prospects for future such events. Committee has approved a request to council for some relief with regard to parking enforcement in the downtown area during the holiday season.

Nominating Committee

Paul is trying to find an at-large, Bruce trying to find a newsletter editor and Kim trying to find a secretary. Ken had a possible candidate for secretary from the day worker's center meeting.

October General Meeting

Need infrastructure for the general election, stargazing as a possible "event" add-on. This is the last SC meeting before the next newsletter deadline, so a date must be scheduled. Ken will explore topics and venues. November 3 is the target date for the meeting.

Welcome Packets

Welcome Packets for new arrivals of the last quarter will be assembled and sent out by end of year.

CSA 50th Anniversary Breakfast

September 28th, 7:15 a.m. at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto. Classic Communities has graciously provided tickets at the table it is sponsoring for SC members and spouses who wish to attend this annual "friend-raising" breakfast and learn about all the agency does for those struggling to make ends meet in our community.

Stevens Creek Trail

Possible "interpretive center" being developed at the Yuba Drive trailhead (junction of Stevens Creek Trail and El Camino Real), under the auspices of a charitable gift from a local resident. The project is under city review and will likely come up for public comment by the end of the year.

Block Party Grant

Hugh will draft a resolution for discussion at our next SC meeting regarding OMVNA SC financial support for neighborhood block parties. Preferences for first-time parties and multi-family dwellings. Parties receiving grants should sign indemnifications. Grant might take the form of a gift certificate to Costco, Smart & Final, or the new downtown Long's Drugs.

adjourn at 9:02




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