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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2007


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
August 13, 2007

Officers Attending: Ken Rosenberg, Kristen McGuire-Husky, Aaron Grossman, Bruce Karney , Kim Copher, Jamil Shaikh

Neighbors Present:
Paul Goldstein

7:40 PM the meeting was called to order

Treasurer’s Report:
Aaron presented the treasurers report, we currently have

OMVNA: $10933.19

CERT: $735.38


  • The ice cream social is mostly paid for.

CERT Report

  • CERT will set up a table at the Ice Cream Social.



  • Kristen is still working on the minutes from last month.

Old Business:


  • The state Franchise Tax Board is asking for taxes of about $800 a year since we are not officially a non-profit.
  • Ronit Bryant was in the process of asking for an exemption a few years ago, we are not sure what progress she made.
  • Aaron is looking into getting 501c3 status for OMVNA so that we do not have to pay the taxes.
  • We are unsure if we will have to pay the taxes that the tax board wants for the past year.


  • New 8 page format is working well.

New Business:

New Board

  • Ken asks current board who is continuing on the board next year and who is stepping down.
  • Bruce does not want to continue as newsletter editor, he may consider an at large position.
  • Jamil will be stepping down.
  • Kristen will be stepping down as secretary, she may consider an at large position.
  • Ken is not interested in continuing as chair, although he may consider being the downtown liaison since he is now on the city downtown committee.
  • Kim is stepping down.
  • Aaron will continue as treasurer.

Ice Cream Social

  • The Ice Cream social is mostly paid for already.
  • Ken has received a waver from the city on the bounce houses since they are not normally allowed in that park.
  • Paul Goldstein and his wife will staff the sign in table.
  • We still need volunteers to staff the bounce houses to make sure that the kids using them have signed a waver.
  • Thoughts on drafting teenagers or other volunteers from the neighborhood.
  • We will need name tags for the OMVNA board. Aaron will print some out on his computer.
  • The board will be roaming and help out as needed.
  • Jamil has made sings to place around the neighborhood informing people about the social. He will distribute them to the board to place.
  • Aaron will buy jugs of water and cups for the CERT table.
  • Friends of the Steven’s Creek Trail will have a table.


  • Ken received an e-mail from Janet Coors about the plans to allow underage patrons at the Monte Carlo night club. She is concerned that this will cause problems with noise and rude patrons.
  • Kim will look into this problem and find out the details from the city.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:48 pm



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