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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2007


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting

OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2007 (Rev. 1)

Officers Attending: Ken Rosenberg, Noam Livnat, Aaron Grossman, Jamil Shaikh, Bruce Karney

Officers Not Attending: Kim Copher, Kristen McGuire-Husky, Hugh Donaher

Neighbors Present: Julie Lovins, Paul Goldman, Shelly King (Webmistress)

7:30 p.m. meeting was called to order


  • May minutes were not available for approval.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Aaron Grossman distributed the Treasurer’s report.  We are in outstanding shape financially.  Our total assets are $12,647.62, of which $757.01 is in the CERT fund.

New Business:            

  • Ken asked those present to let him know if we expected to miss future SC meetings.  Ken will miss the July 9 meeting, Noam will miss the Aug. 13 meeting and the Summer Picnic, and Aaron will miss the October meeting.
  • We voted to donate $100 to Save the Bay (5-0 vote)
  • We will be getting our reimbursement from the City soon for our 2006 Summer Picnic.
  • Aaron sent in the application for this year’s grant from the City to support our 2007 Summer Picnic.
  • We are buying 10 waterproof CERT books and getting a good price because we combined our order with another neighborhood association’s.
  • Ken will contact Erin Sanders to see what’ she’s done with the Welcome Packets from last year.
  • Liz Wylie, formerly a detective with the MVPD, will be the new Public Information Officer (replacing Jim Bennet).  Her phone is 903-6344 and her e-mail is
  • Mesa de la Comunidad has produced an anti-gang brochure in English and Spanish.
  • Ken is interested in the topic of internet safety as a theme for a future General Meeting
  • Paul will manage the ice cream tickets at the Summer picnic.  Jamil may have some rolls of tickets at home that we can use.
  • Twee Twee the Clown has sent us a copy of his contract from last year so we can be reimbursed for the cost of hiring him.
  • We will invite the local mail carrier, Mr. Dupre, to come to the picnic and do his Elvis Presley impersonation for 10 minutes or so.
  • We voted unanimously to budget $2,600 for the picnic.
  • Webmistress Shelly presented a proposal to replace the current OMVNA web site with a new model based on blogging software instead of continuing to use Dreamweaver.  She said that key benefits include easier updating, the ability of multiple people to manage it, and the possibility of interaction through the blogging software’s “commenting” feature.  She suggested moving off of’s hosting service to an other company’s infrastructure.  Ken requested that Shelly advance to the next stage of prototyping her ideas and return to a future Steering Committee meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Karney (acting as Secretary due to Kristen’s absence.)



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