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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2007


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
January 8, 2006

Officers Attending: Ken Rosenberg, Kristen McGuire-Husky, Aaron Grossman, Jamil Shaikh, Kim Copher, Bruce Karney

Officers Not Attending: Margaret Abe-Koga (Resigned)

Neighbors Present: None

7:35pm meeting was called to order


  • Minutes for December required major changes.
  • Tabled voting on minutes approval because of numerous changes to meeting minutes from December.
  • Ken proposed future minute changes and approval should be done through e-mail.
  • Kristen agreed that this would be better process going forward, she will send the minutes to the OMVNA steering committee list via e-mail as soon as they are complete. Minutes should be reviewed and approved or changes suggested via e-mail before the next meeting.
  • Ken asked that approved minutes be forwarded to Shelly so that they can be posted on the OMVNA website.

Downtown Report:

  • No meetings, nothing to report.

Old Business:

  • Discussed appointing a person to replace Margaret as member at large. Talk of putting an ad in the newsletter to be published on Jan 25, could also advertise on OMVNAtalk. Aaron suggested appointing neighbor Kathryn Zehavi who came to the meeting in November and has expressed an interest in becoming more involved.

Treasurer’s Report:

OMVNA: $10.900.35 

CERT: $54.37

Total: $10,954.72

$5,700 in ad revenue collected so far this year.

Aaron proposed a budget for 2007:

  • Discussion between Bruce and Aaron about accounting method, accrual vs. cash accounting. Discussion of how formal account is necessary and how to account for newsletter ads that are pre-paid.
  • Noam notes that the method does not matter for budgeting purposes.
  • Aaron would like to figure out how much money we should end the year with.
  • Discussion about if we have more or less money than last year.
  • Ken notes that we need a forecasting mechanism for determining the expenses for the year and projected income for the year.
  • Bruce would like to allow advertisers to buy ads at any time of year.
  • Aaron would like Ad revenue to match up with the calendar year to make it easier to estimate revenue for budgeting purposes.
  • Kim notes that the method for budgeting does not need to match up with budgeting method.
  • Noam noted that the budgeting for 2007 should not include projected bank balance, since projected bank balances are generally not part of budgeting.
  • Ad revenue for the year is expected to be around $8,500 plus around $1,500 for grants. It could be slightly more depending on newsletter expansion.
  • Upped expected expenses for meetings and events and CERT budget.
  • Meeting ended with this budget agreed upon by steering committee members:

+$8,500 Newsletter Advertising
+$1,500 OMVNA Grants
Total $10,000 in income
-$4,000 Newsletter Printing
-$2,500 Meeting and Events
-$600 Operating expenses
-$300 Equipment Purchase
-$1,000 CERT
-$1,600 Board Discretionary
Total $10,000 in Expenses

New Business:            

  • A review of the OMVNA bylaws by Bruce Karney pointed out some relevant sections to the steering committee members
  • Ken suggested that the new members read through the bylaws which are posted on the OMVNA website.
  • Larry Stone will be the guest speaker at the next meeting. This meeting will be held at the City Council Chambers in City Hall (500 Castro St).
  • Next steering committee meeting will occur at 6:45 in the City Council Chambers in City Hall due to the talk by Larry Stone at 7:30.

CERT Report:

  • 39 members, lost 1 gained 2.
  • Aaron has offered First Aid training class to CERT members, so far no one has shown interest.
  • CERT annual meeting and radio check is coming up on Sunday the 25th of February from 10-12 at Landels School.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05pm



Online Discussion of mistake in estimated Newsletter Expenses:

  • Bruce mentions that the bids for the newsletter expenses are higher than he had stated at the January meeting.
  • The actual Alphagraphics bid is $742.42. Multiplying this by 8 newsletters per a year comes to $5,939.36 per a year in printing expenses for a 8 page newsletter.
  • Bruce proposes that we amend the budget to have a Newsletter production cost of $6,000 and take $400 more out of the Board Discretionary line.
  • Aaron proposes that in order to accommodate Bruce's new numbers for an 8 page newsletter, that we round up each issue cost to $700, making the annual cost of 8 issues $5,600. An increase the advertising income target to $9,500 (up from $8,500), with a reduction in board discretionary to $6,000 (from $1,600), other numbers can remain the same.

Revised Proposed 2007 budget

Newsletter Ads $ 9,500
OMVNA Grants $ 1,500
Grants --
Other --
income total $11,000

Newsletter cost $ 5,600
Meetings & Events $ 2,500
Operating Expenses $ 600
Equipment Purchases $ 300
CERT $ 1,000
Board Discretionary $ 600
expenses total $11,000

  • Ken seconds the proposal, Kristen, Aaron, Jamil and Noam vote in favor.




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