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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2006


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
June 12, 2006

Officers Attending:
Ken Rosenberg, Meridith Segall, Aaron Grossman, Jamil Shaikh, Kim Copher, Margaret Abe-Koga, and Megan Pescon

Officers Not Attending:
Nikol Jackson

OMVNA Members Present:
Max Hauser, Paul Goldstein, Tim Johnson, William Tyler, Pat Lunsford, Christopher Bail, Patrick McCullough, Peter Gilli, Steve Lacy, and Andrea Klein

7:02 pm meeting was called to order


  • Minutes for June were approved.

Treasurerís Report:

  • OMVNA: $8,346.89 CERT: $112.73 Total: $8,459.62

CERT Report:

  • 36 volunteers- one new person over the last 6 months
  • Steering Committee to talk to neighbors about CERT
  • 1 Hour volunteer orientation, 1 meeting a year, drills 3 times a year
  • Working on making it fun by being creative in the radio drill. You do not have to be CERT member to join radio drills
  • Review training on 17th of June
  • There will be a CERT table at the general meeting

Newsletter Report:

Articles are all in and we are going to do an insert for the general meeting.

  • July 27th- if we receive grant money we will do an insert. If we do not receive a grant, then we will do a half page ad for the general meeting
  • June insert for $160.00 passed and use grant money for this one as well if we get it.
  • Flyer should include time, free, for the community of old Mountain View, the date, a border. Send flyer to AG and KR before publishing

Downtown Report:

  • Farmerís Market will transfer temporarily to the train station this summer and if favorably received will be long term.
  • Some retail space in downtown has been rezoned for restaurants.
  • "R" Club is going to be 3-stories and construction will begin soon.
  • Seascapes fish retail business - Ken R. to draft the letter of support.
  • 220 View has broken ground; completion still a year out.

Old Business:

  • The $800 grant application for community development has been turned in.
  • The Neighborhood Associations of Mountain View Meeting was attended by Ken R. on June 10th. City Representatives and officials were there and Ken heard some really good ideas:
    1. Star gazing
    2. Neighborhood Watch
    3. Monte Loma Annual Picnic has high attendance
    4. Safety Fair
    5. Halloween Map
    6. Caroling
    7. Ads for other associationís activities in our newsletter
    8. Buying plastic A-frames to advertise events from San Jose Blueprinting. $29 each and useful for CERT events as well
    9. Baby sitting Co-Op
    10. Bimbooed- Random Acts of Kindness for neighbors with a note that says you have been "Bimbooed"

New Business:

  • Summer meeting discussion will take place after presentations
  • Two guest speakers; Prometheus and Roy Hayter

Prometheus- Representatives present: Peter Gilli, Deputy Zoning Administrator; David Johnson, Architect; Mike Petouhoff, Sr. Development Manager; and Jon Moss, Senior Vice President Development. Prometheus is based out of San Mateo and gave a description of the 39 Unit Single Family PUD (Row House) Community planned for the Dana/Calderon 2.5 acre parcel which equals 80% density.

  • How did you acquire property? Purchased at market value.
  • What will be in view from Calderon and Dana Streets? Front of houses. One entrance on Dana Street for all residents. This stimulated much concerned feedback from community members present due to safety and traffic issues. Those present asked Prometheus to reconsider their entrance strategy.
  • There will be a pedestrian strip along perimeter of property. The sidewalk along Dana Street will be tree lined.
  • Parking Ratio? 2 per unit and .3 for guest parking along the street.
  • CEQUA-(Comprehensive Environmental Impact Report)negative impact on traffic was not done.
  • Will the current residents of the Apartment complex currently being managed by Prometheus be given notice when building begins? Prometheus plans to provide 90 days notice. Prometheus asks tenants to keep in mind that the city has not given final approval. It will take 4-6 months post City approval to begin. August would be the earliest time residents would receive a 90 day notice.
  • Impact on Stevenís Creek Trail entrance? None
  • Sidewalk traffic will be diverted during construction.
  • How many stories? 3 stories; bottom level being parking
  • How big? 3 bedrooms from 1700-1800 SF
  • Set-backs? 4-6 feet of space between each house.
  • How long will it take to build? The project will take 14 months or longer to construct.
  • Next opportunity to discuss? 6/14/06 at 4pm City Hall.

Roy Hayter from the Advocates for Affordable Housing was the next speaker. He asked the Steering Committee for support in convincing the city to choose one of three designated sites as efficiency studios in downtown Mountain View. He says there has not been low income housing built in Mountain View (downtown?) in 20 years.

  • What % of population in complex would be drivers? Must follow same parking ration rules as any other property.
  • What are the obstacles he is facing currently? Political will, Matt Nealy leaving, not enough city staff to focus on this issue and to make recommendations. Issue came up before and the staff recommended Bryant/CA as location. Nothing came of it. Concerns in this meeting came up about Bryant Street and wouldnít it be better to place it closer to train station?
  • Do we really need anymore rentals? Many people who work here cannot afford to live here.
  • Does low income housing really make a difference? Affordability = Stability
  • Added an agenda item to formulate a preference for which site to build low income housing on.

Summer General Meeting will be August 6th from 2-4 at Mercy/Bush Park. The budget without the grant money is $800. The A-Frame signs will not be included in this budget since they are for other uses as well. (Must put address such as website on signs to deter theft)

To doís:

  1. Hire Ice-cream truck-Jamil knows a guy
  2. Hire balloon guy-Jamil will ask guy at farmers market
  3. Ice-cream Sunday Bar
  4. Power source-Ken to confirm outlets at park are active
  5. Create waiver, registration table, and badges which acknowledge waiver has been signed and allow entry into bouncy house
  6. Book bouncy house-Margaret
  7. Hoop game
  8. Recruit volunteers from community
  9. Other game booths
  10. Need a banner which will be used in future events thus will not come from this budget.
  11. Obtain/create tickets for free ice-cream
  12. Party favors for kids, promotional items for OMVNA- Jamil
  13. Invite Parks/Recs, Fire Dept., Police dept., CERT, a Table to recruit OMVNA volunteers

Time Frame:
2pm allow 30 minutes for check-in and mingling
2:30 take 5 minutes to thank all for coming
2:35pm - 4pm HAVE FUN!!!!

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 pm

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