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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2006


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
March 13, 2006

Officers Attending:
Aaron Grossman, Ken Rosenberg, Meridith Segall, Margaret Abe-Koga, Nikol Jackson, Jamil Shaikh, and Kim Copher

Mountain View Residents attending:
Reneí Fuog, Ronit Bryant, Boris Burtin and Julie Lovins

Officers Not Attending:
Megan Pecson

7:29pm meeting was called to order


  • Minutes for Jan. and Feb were approved

Treasurerís Report:

  • OMVNA: $8,335.63 CERT: $112.73 Total: $8,448.36

CERT Report:

  • The City likes what CERT is doing. Need a new Co-Chair because present Co-Chair has moved out of Old Mountain View. Also need to develop leadership in CERT members.

New Business:

  • Dennis and Jenny Cheng, the new owners of The New Mountain View Market on Castro Street were scheduled to speak, but have not shown up yet. We moved on to other business.
  • Newsletter:
    • cost of insert was $160.00 which was placed in the newsletter to announce the General Meeting "Neighborhood Showcase" and raised overall costs of newsletter. Email did go out to the Steering Committee that the insert was going into newsletter. Action item called for to copy treasurer on all money exchanges for ads.
    • Kimís ad did not make it into the newsletter. She will be compensated by another opportunity for advertising.
    • Megan resigned as editor of the newsletter because she said it was much more of a time commitment than she thought. There was some speculation that she was not happy, that many people complained, but no one offered support except Nikol. Brainstormed ideas to keep her on and thought taking the ads away from her may help. Creating an editorial committee to help with articles and such. Ronit offered to consult with Megan and mentor her. Action item for creation of editorial committee was called for.
  • Appropriate content for OMVNA TALK: Moderation verses free flow of emails. Decided to keep moderating and allow as much as possible through. Two action items called for 1. Offer alternative chat site and 2. Re-publish the rules of OMVNA talk to be observed.
  • General Meeting April 30th: Landels Elementary School as host site request has been submitted. Open mike for business owners to discuss there business. Want to create a contact list and publish it. We have another opportunity to advertise in newsletter. Action-item each person think of five people to come talk.
  • Downtown Report:
    On 3/8/06 Admin. Zoning Meeting regarding Podell Development at 220 View Street happened with these items discussed.
    • No environmental impact, it is going to city council 4/11/06.
    • There will no longer be awnings
    • Public review due on March 14th.
    • CC&Rís will cover rules of balconies and what cannot be stored on them.
    • There will be a ramp for handicapped instead of a lift.
    • Traffic impact okay.
  • City Budget $3.69 Million for revitalization runs out in 2009.
  • The block at Evelyn/Villa is at its maximum usage cannot handle anymore power usage happening on that block. Anymore usage will require PG&E to consider upgrading
  • Parking tax is back for businesses.
  • California Roadhouse is for sale.
  • Monte Carlo is up for sale.
  • "First and Goal" formerly known as Der Weinerschnitzel needs more money to proceed.
  • Meeting Adjourned 8:45 pm

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