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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2006


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
January 9, 2006

Officers Attending

Aaron Grossman
Kim Copher
Ken Rosenberg
Meridith Segall
Margaret Abe-Koga
Jamil Shaikh

Officers Not Attending

Nikol Jackson
Megan Pecson

7:39 pm meeting was called to order


  • November and December minutes were approved with changes. Kim will obtain October Minutes from Velva.
  • DRAFT Minutes, along with Agenda, and request for Agenda Items will be submitted to steering committee members by Meridith one week prior to Board Meetings:
    • 2/06/2006 is the deadline for agenda for the 2/13/06 Board Meeting and DRAFT Minutes from 1/09/06 meeting distribution.
    • Comments for agenda items only due back to Meridith by 2/08/06 to be added to the Agenda and distributed to Board members by 2/09/06.
    • DRAFT Minutes will still be discussed and approved at Board Meeting.

Treasurers Report

  • Total=$7,861.04, OMVNA=$7,748.31, CERT=$112.73
  • End of year bank balance: $6,181.00
  • Projected Budget for Calendar Year 2006 was discussed. See budget distributed by Aaron Grossman for more information current/numbers.

    Projected Income:Projected Expenses
    Newsletter Ads:$6,000Newsletter Costs:$4,000
    Grants:$1,400Meetings and Events:$1,600
    Total Projected Income:$7,400Operating Expenses:$550
     Equipment Purchases:$250
     Board Discretionary:$0
     Total Projected Expenses:$7,400

  • Discussion about expanding general meetings to stimulate attendance ensued leaving the possibility for Community Development Grant funds for FY 2007/08.

Downtown Report:

  • Kim attended the development meeting regarding the View/Dana 22 Unit Condominium complex being discussed. These units will be Spanish style two story buildings at varying heights 35-45 feet with 2.3 underground parking spaces provided per unit (this includes 7 guest spaces). Handicap accessibility is still being worked out (ramps versus lifts) Most notably the developer wants to make a single entry gated courtyard community to give privacy to the residents rather than row townhouses. There will be decks facing the street. The Homeowner’s association will have to restrict/enforce what is allowed to be stored on decks. The addition of awnings to make the property more attractive was discussed as well.

New Business

  • The General meetings Scheduled for Feb.12th and May 20th have been replaced with one April 30th General Meeting from 2-4pm. This will give us time to plan, better weather, and a bigger budget for the meeting.
  • The Newsletter is coming out Jan. 28th, 2006. Ken R. will schedule Newsletters for the year along with Julie Lovins.
  • OMVNA talk report: 187 members to date
  • We can track success of general meetings by attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 pm.

Meridith Segall

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