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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2006


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
September 11, 2006

Officers Attending: Ken Rosenberg, Meridith Segall, Aaron Grossman, Megan Pecson, Kim Copher and Margaret Abe-Koga

Officers Not Attending: Nikol Jackson and Jamil Shaikh

Neighbors present: Julie Lovins

7:38 pm meeting was called to order


  • Minutes for August 14th were approved with changes

Treasurer’s Report:

OMVNA: $5,168.96 

CERT: $112.73 

Total: $5,281.69

  • GENERAL meeting report: OMVNA has spent more than expected on the Ice cream social $1000, but the cost was actually less than expected $4 per serving.
  • Bill for the banner has not come in yet.
  • 2 Higher than usual costs for the newsletter because of inserts
  • 6 out of 8 candidates say they will be running ads. Margaret and Ronit have already paid.
  • No outstanding debts
  • Next newsletter is October 12th. The deadline for submission is October 9th
  • Aaron will give cancelled checks to Kim for the City Grant and Margaret will itemize expenses from the ice-cream social

CERT Report:

  • Tim Johnson ran radio check and represented us at City

Downtown Report: No report

  • Napoleon at Home is going out of business

Old Business:

  • Summer General Meeting, August 6th business to be completed is a thank you note to the neighbor who provided power for the bouncy house for a short period of time.
  • Steering Committee membership for 2007:

    Chair-Ken Rosenberg
    Treasurer-Aaron Grossman
    Downtown Liaison-Kim Copher
    At-Large- Jamil not present to volunteer
    At-Large-Margaret Abe-Koga (Nikol not present to volunteer)
    Bruce Carney will be Newsletter Editor

    Need a nominating committee and a chair for that committee.
    Will need to follow up with Jamil on his choice for steering committee membership.

New Business:         

  • Candidate Forum: October 25th- need to specify that this is a general meeting
  • People will arrive at 7pm
  • First will need to elect Steering Committee
  • Bruce Carney has run Candidate Forum in the past
  • 7:15 Candidate Forum segment to begin
  •  After posting questions in advance will give 3-4 minutes per candidate. Will allow candidates to choose their own questions. Will have 6-8 “areas of concern”
  • Let the candidates talk by giving time (3 minutes) to each for an introduction at the beginning of Forum
  • Collect questions ahead of time perhaps by inviting questions in the newsletter and by prompting questions on OMVNA Talk.
  • Q&A not decided

Newsletter issues:

  • Inserts must be done by hand and take four man hours extra to do them. Would like one week notice and a volunteer to help do the insertion. Alpha Graphics, our current vendor does not do inserts.
  • Half sheet costs extra. Better to go with one full sheet with two ads on the same side of the page or four ads on both sides of paper all oriented the same way.
  • Ken and Julie to do research on other vendors. What format do they use and how much for what kind of service.
  • Julie wants steering committee membership to require a twice a year newsletter delivery as part of duties. Steering Committee on board for encouraging but not requiring it.
  • Ken wonders about missed opportunities for newsletter such as 1. Photos included and 2. reducing frequency of output in order to increase size.
  • Need to get cost breakdown from Alpha Graphics thereby giving the editor some choices for layout. Need a guide-sheet for editor. Landscape ads only

Art and Wine:
Do we want to have OMVNA person at the free speech area at festival? NO
Meeting Adjourned 9:00 pm

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