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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2006


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
August 14, 2006

Call to Order 7:36 pm
Officers attending:
Ken Rosenberg, Meridith Segall, Aaron Grossman, Jamil Shaikh, and Margaret Abe-Koga
Officers Not Attending: Megan Pecson, Kim Copher, Nikol Jackson
Neighbors/Guests Attending: Jeff Segall, Paul Goldstein and Wes Miller


  • Minutes from July 10th approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Total $5,529.84, OMVNA = $5,417.11, CERT = $112.73  
  • GENERAL meeting report: OMVNA has spent more than expected on the Ice cream social, but the cost per person was actually less than expected. We did not get charged for the generator.
  • Bill for the banner has not come in yet.
  • Grant was approved for general meeting.
  • No more inserts anticipated for the newsletter.
  • Need new inserts for the A-Frames recently purchased.

CERT Report

  • Radio drill August 20th from 10am to 12pm at Landels School

Downtown Report

  • No report

Old Business

Summer General Meeting will be August 6th from 2-4 at Mercy/Bush Park was a smashing success with over 300 people in attendance. Ken received many emails of thanks and great job for the event.
         OMVNA comments about the ice cream social:

  • The quantity of ice-cream tickets. While it was smart to have it wrapped and easily distributed; it was a source of alienation to some neighbors who were denied free ice-cream when we ran out of tickets.
  • Power source was not available. It is apparently on a timer which the city must be notified of a need for power or else it only comes on in the evening.
  • Generators were really loud
  • Venue was excellent. Just the right size.
  • Jump house had no formal monitoring of it and was difficult to access because there was no stand to step onto.
  • While the popcorn and cotton candy was a big hit; the work should be rotated so one person does not get exhausted.
  • Timing of the event conflicts with the historical society event and may need to be rescheduled for different Sunday in August next year.
  • Need more volunteers for the event with assigned tasks.
  • Twee Twee the clown was slow, but excellent. Would hire again.
  • Would hire bouncy house vendor again.
  • Fire truck was very good.

There are now 230 members of OMVNA Talk.

New Business:         
Candidate Forum: October 25th

  • 7-9 people will be there as candidates.
  • Let the candidates talk by giving time (3 minutes) to each one and have them choose which question to answer from list.
  • Collect questions ahead of time perhaps by inviting questions in the newsletter.
  • Ken to find location for next meeting.
  • Ken to ask about changing newsletter date.
  • Margaret is not allowed to help with this event.
  • Aaron plans to write an article for Steven’s Creek Trail in the newsletter.

Need a new webmaster and they can choose whether to be a part of the steering committee or not.
Jeff Segall spoke about Land conservation initiative. Steering Committee voted to endorse this initiative 3 in favor and two in abstentia. Here are his talking points:
Santa Clara County Land Conservation Initiative
What does the Initiative do?
The Initiative amends the Santa Clara County General Plan to better preserve rural, unincorporated lands zoned “Hillsides,” “Ranchland” and “Large Scale Agriculture.”  It would:

  • Increase minimum parcel sizes under some circumstances on Hillsides and Ranchlands to limit the amount of development
  • Prohibit large-scale industrial and commercial development in rural areas.
  • Add protections to scenic views, streamside corridors and sensitive wildlife habitat

What does the Initiative not do?
The initiative does not affect land inside existing cities and unincorporated lands that are not zoned “Hillsides”, “Ranchland” or “Large Scale Agriculture”.
Any existing legal use, structure, parcel, etc, remains legal
Why is the Initiative important?

  • Strengthens an already good County General Plan by
    • Discouraging building on ridgelines
    • Protecting riparian zones
    • Requiring adequate water resources and fire protection
  • Existing General Plan can be weakened at any time by 3 supervisors
  • Repeal or weakening of the initiative would require a majority vote of the people of Santa Clara County

Why is the Initiative important to Mountain View?
By helping to stop sprawl in rural areas, the Initiative protects the quality of life for Mountain View residents in several ways

  • Remote development in rural areas drains financial resources from the urban/suburban core
  • Protection of hillsides protects watersheds, reservoirs and underground aquifers, which means better water quality and supply.
  • The area’s open hills are an important part of our quality of life
  • Sprawl pollutes the air, healthy ecosystems protect it

Is the initiative fair to farmers and agriculture?

  • Sprawl is a leading threat to farmers and agriculture
  • Parcelization, “Ranchettes”, high taxes, and speculation drive up costs
  • Every landowner can build at least 10,000 sq. ft. home,  up to 20k (40k in some cases).

What about the need for affordable housing?
Hillsides, ranchlands, and large scale agriculture lands are far from infrastructure, adequate roads, markets, etc.  Often the slopes and soils are unstable. 
What about the need for growth?

  • There is room for tremendous growth inside the urban areas
  • Existing policies call for growth to occur there. 
  • In addition, cities can still annex land.

Has this type of measure been adopted elsewhere?

Meeting adjourned 9:05 pm.

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