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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2006


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
July 10, 2006

Call to Order 7:36 pm
Officers attending:
Ken Rosenberg, Meridith Segall, Aaron Grossman, Jamil Shaikh, Kim Copher, Margaret Abe-Koga and Nikol Jackson
Neighbors/Guests Attending: Miryam Casteneda



  • Minutes from June 10th approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Total $7,959.85 , OMVNA = $7,847.12  , CERT = $112.73 
  • Newsletter has new ads which has generated unexpected income.
  • OMVNA has spent more than expected
  • Grant still not approved for general meeting. Kim will follow up if not approved soon.
  • Voted unanimously to donate $100 to Save the Bay again this year. Jamil will follow up on combining money with other Neighborhood Associations to donate as a group to Save the Bay. There is a magazine published by the Mountain View Voice called information Mountain View that has list of all the neighborhood associations and more.

CERT Report

  • Aaron to purchase $10 batteries
  • 2 Possible members of CERT

Downtown Report

  • No meetings to report
  • Kim will represent OMVNA at upcoming City Council meeting
  • Bike Springs grand opening was very nice. Ken encouraged owners to chamber of commerce and plans to buy something from them in support.
  • First and Goal opens soon and has loud speakers outside.
  • Ellis Burns is the person the give suggestions/comments regarding breakfast places in Mountain View
  • Mountain View police doing a good job of low-key peace keeping

New Business

  • Miryam Casteneda has concerns about the Promethius Development:

    • Traffic on Calderon
    • Narrowed lane on Calderon
    • Foot traffic at the intersection in the morning as well as bikes
    • Other developments have fewer homes with up to four exits
    • 14 months of large trucks on the roads

    OMVNA concerns:

    • Insufficient notice to renters
    • Traffic impact
    • Construction
    • Driveways
    • Density on property

    OMVNA Recommendations:

    • Encourage traffic study
    • Look at entrances, driveways and # of, traffic during construction, clean-up at site, and start time of construction.
    • Study width of Calderon
    • Bathroom at Mercy/Bush Park with money from in-leau funds

    Affordable housing recommendation to City Council-4/2 vote in favor of Evelyn Street site

Old Business

Summer General Meeting will be August 6th from 2-4 at Mercy/Bush Park. The budget without the grant money is $800.

    • The A-Frame signs will not be included in this budget since they are for other uses as well. (Must put address such as website on signs to deter theft)X6. Margaret to follow up on whether city will pay for them or not.
    • To do’s:
      • Kim to decide on ice-cream/hire Ice Cream truck; will need to save parking space for truck
      • Hire balloon guy clown is $150/hr.-Jamil will ask guy at farmers market
      • Power source-Ken confirms outlets work x6
      • Create waiver, registration table, and badges which acknowledge waiver has been signed and allow entry into bouncy house
      • Book bouncy house-Margaret
      • Hoop game-Margaret
      • Recruit volunteers from community-Margaret
      • Other game booths-Margaret
      • 10. Need a banner which will be used in future events thus will not come from this budget.
      • 11. Obtain/create tickets for free ice-cream
      • 12. Party favors for kids, promotional items for OMVNA-chose no for to this event.
      • 13. Invite Parks/Recs, Fire Dept., Police dept., CERT, a Table to recruit OMVNA volunteers
      • Time Frame:
        • 2pm allow 30 minutes for check-in and mingling
        • 2:30 take 5 minutes to thank all for coming
        • 2:35pm – 4pm HAVE FUN!!!!
Meeting adjourned 9:05 pm.

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