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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2005


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
September 12, 2005

Officers Attending

Chair - Velva Rowell
Vice Chair - Ken Rosenberg
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Community Liaison - Tom Matula
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders
Member-at-Large - Jamil Shaikh

Officers Not Attending

Secretary - Kim Copher
Newsletter - Nikol Jackson

Neighbors Attending

Tim Johnson, CERT


  • We did not have August minutes to approve.
  • The August General Meeting went well with approximately 30 neighbors in attendance. There was a good response to Julie Lovin’s Downtown Grocery Coalition presentation.

Nominating Committee Slate

  • Chair - Ken Rosenberg
  • Vice Chair - Margaret Abe Koga
  • Secretary - Meredith Segall
  • Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
  • Newsletter Editor - Open
  • Community Liaison - Kim Copher
  • At Large - Nikol Jackson
  • At Large - Jamil Shaikh

Aaron moved that we accept the current slate. Erin seconded and the motion was approved unanimously. We will continue to recruit for a Newsletter Editor who will need to be nominated from the floor at the November General Meeting.

November General Meeting

CERT would like to present an emergency preparedness seminar to OMV. The theme of the presentation is "Recommended household supplies and storage for emergencies."

  1. Recommended resources provided by OMVNA:
    • Advertising in the October newsletter. Ronit Bryant will work with Nikol to produce the appropriate text and graphics.
    • Refreshments at the event.
    • Venue location arrangements. Aaron will check with Landels. If we cannot use Landels, we can check with Fellowship Hall at Trinity Church.
    • Agenda provided and distributed.
    • Decision of a firm date ASAP in order to invite Lynn Brown. Ronit has provided Velva with a list of dates when Lynn is unavailable. Suggested dates are Sunday, November 13 from 1 – 3pm or Sunday, November 6 from 1 – 3pm.
    • Authorization by OMVNA for CERT to purchase some sample supplies to show and give away in a lottery. Ken moved that we allocate $150 for CERT to purchase lottery items. Tom seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
    • In addition, Velva will arrange to have babysitters for the children along with art projects.
    • Ken will send out a save the date email to OMVNA.
    • Aaron will talk to Miryam Castaneda about being a representative for the Spanish speaking neighbors.
  2. CERT responsibilities:
    • A brief presentation on OMVNA/CERT services and resources provided to the OMVNA neighborhood during an emergency.
    • Copies provided of a list of emergency supplies recommended to adequately survive the first 72 hours of an emergency.
    • Demonstrated examples on how to store such resources.
    • A questionnaire for OMVNA member to help OMVNA/CERT better prepare for future emergencies.
    • Administration of lottery sample supplies.

Treasurer's Report

  • Total $7,785.19, OMVNA = $7,563.67, CERT = $221.52
  • $95 was donated for the CERT trailer repair.

CERT Update

  • Aaron fixed the trailer and removed the antenna which will prevent kids from climbing to the top.
  • CERT has 38 members with 4 HAM radio operators.

City Report

  • Ken spoke at the planning commission meeting where three city parcels were discussed. The California/Bryant parcel was tabled. The City is interested in efficiency units behind the Tied House. The parcel in front of the Tied House may be rezoned for retail, currently it is zoned for housing.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Submitted by Erin Sanders for
Kim Copher, Secretary

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