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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2005


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
July 11, 2005

Officers Attending

Chair - Velva Rowell
Vice Chair - Ken Rosenberg
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Secretary - Kim Copher
Newsletter - Nikol Jackson
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders
Member-at-Large - Jamil Shaikh

Officers Not Attending

Community Liaison - Tom Matula
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders

Neighbors Attending

Bob Towns
Julie Lovins
Greg Fowler
Monica Smith

Guests Attending

Troy Tillils of Zanotto’s


  • Minutes read and approved with changes

Treasurer's Report

  • Total $7943.90, OMVNA = $7712.63, CERT = $231.27

CERT Update

  • Burn kit purchased - $68.73
  • Aaron passed Ham Radio test

City Report

  • No report. Tom not in attendance.


  • Next Newsletter slated for July 28th

Old Business

  • Seascapes
    • Ken tried to speak with the owners, but was not successful in doing so
  • Grants
    • All requests were accepted
  • Parking Garage
    • Aaron, Ken, and Velva attended the City Meeting with Monica Smith acting as proxy for Erin Sanders. Other attendees were Matt Nealy, Laura Macias, Matt Pear and Nick Galiotto
  • Neighborhood Leaders Meeting at Adobe Building
    • Velva held discussion rather than give official presentation
    • Idea is to have an Association of Neighborhood Associations
    • Received spreadsheet with heads of all Steering Committees info
    • Cuesta Park was very interested in what is happening downtown
  • Next General Meeting
    • Theme to be ice cream social
    • Date to be August 14th from 1-3 in Pioneer Park
    • Ken in charge of games. Aaron in charge of food.

New Business

  • Zanotto’s - Troy Tillils of Zanotto’s spoke to us about the type of product they provide, their needs in order to reside in a downtown area, and the process they had to go through to be considered for the lot on the corner of Bryant & California.
    • Zanotto’s is an upscale market, smaller than a typical market. They serve high-end food and product catering to the Business lunch crowd and neighborhood customer. (ie Draeger’s)
    • Their space requirement is approximately 15k square feet, of which 11k is usable. They prefer a "warm vanilla shell" to inhabit.
    • The process began with Troy speaking to Linda Dewald of the City of Mt.View. He later learned that she was no longer working in the same capacity. They then spoke to CBRE, a third party consulting group.
    • Zanotto’s put forth their request for approximately $500k + $350k for tenant improvements to be paid back by Zanotto’s over time.
    • June 28th was a closed session with the City. The recommendation was for Longs Drug Store. July 5th the City solicited public input.
    • Julie Lovins has a mission to get a downtown market now that the Zanotto’s bid did not go through. She has established this website to solicit interest and volunteers from across the city (not just OMVNA). Those interested can send an email to
    • Next item of business is to discuss the 3 large city lots that are still vacant. The City is out until August 16th and will resume a "study session" after that date to determine the use of said lots.
  • Hope Street Trees
    • If interested, Julie Lovins has the reports for the Hope Street trees. They are scheduled to be removed.
  • Nominating Committee
    • Chair need to be someone not currently on Steering Committee
    • Bruce Karney has agreed to be chair and will call each member individually
    • Round table discussion to determine who is willing to be part of nominating committee or officers that need to be replaced
      • Velva expressed need to move on at the end of her term
      • Ken, Kim and Jamil interested in staying on
      • Nikol not certain at this time

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm.

Submitted Kim Copher, Secretary

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