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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2005


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
April 11, 2005

Officers Attending

Chair - Velva Rowell
Vice Chair - Ken Rosenberg
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Secretary - Kim Copher
Newsletter - Nikol Jackson
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders

Officers Not Attending

Community Liaison - Tom Matula
Member-at-Large - Jamil Shaikh

Neighbors Attending

Maria Senn, Church of Scientology
Stella Warlick, Church of Scientology
Ronit Bryant

1. Introduction and Announcements

  • March meeting minutes were approved with changes.

2. Treasurer's Report/CERT Update

  • Total $8,703, OMVNA = $8,403, CERT = $300
  • Received C. Chu advertising payment.
  • Discussed presentation of future Treasurer’s report.
  • $6,000 is the annual minimum balance that we’d like to maintain.

3. Newsletter

  • Nikol mentioned that we will have another advertiser soon.
  • 4/21 is the deadline for next newsletter.
  • Format change discussion continued. Nikol wants input. She brought other newsletter examples to show.
  • Nikol to talk to Julie to have paper folded correctly with front page out.
  • Kim to bring sample of newsletter from Central Park Apartment complex.
  • Aaron suggested header reduction in verbiage.

4. May General Meeting

  • The Event will be held at Landels School on May 15th from 1-3 pm.
  • Velva & Aaron met with School Resource Office for MV/Whisman , Lloyd Curns to discuss what the police will be doing:
    • They will bring helmets to give away. They will help fit the helmets that the children bring as well as the ones donated.
    • They will give a talk addressing bike-riding safety (ie hand signals) .
    • Explorer to do all set-up of obstacle courses (4) & police provided safety.

5. Pre-planning Logistics

  • Call for volunteers on OMVNA Talk & in Newsletter
    • Stella & Maria to serve ice cream
    • Kim to coordinate volunteers
  • 1 page flyer to go out to Landels school in "Wednesday Word" — Velva to write and Aaron to assist.
  • Velva to provide copy of flyer to school for translation
  • Kim and Ken to investigate bike shop freebies for the event
    • Walts, Off Ramp, Super Go
  • Jamil to put out signs 2 weeks prior to event
  • Ronit to help with flyer formatting for signs
  • Discussed ideas to thank the Police Department for their involvement
    • Dave or Monica’s husband to photograph the event and frame for the Officer’s gift.
    • Post a Thank You in next newsletter

6. Day of Logistics

  • Set-up to be at noon
  • Parents need to bring the bikes for donation (children’s bike’s only)
  • Helmets required
  • We will have 4 stations
    • Registration/Check-in
    • Bike Swap
    • Bike Maintenance
    • Cookies & ice cream

7. Website

  • Ronit expressed the need for maintaining an updated website. She requested that the approved minutes be to her by end of approval week. Velva is to proved timely OMVNA information and Aaron is to provide CERT information.
  • Ken inquired about Website usage statistics to understand who has visited the site. He suggested to have pictures on the website.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.

    Submitted by Secretary,
    Kim Copher

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