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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2005


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
February 14, 2005
Location of meeting: Dana Street Roasting Company

Officers Attending

Chair - Velva Rowell
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Vice Chair - Ken Rosenberg
Secretary - Kim Copher
Newsletter - Nikol Jackson
Member-at-Large - Jamil Shaikh

Officers Not Attending

Community Liaison - Tom Matula
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders

1. Announcements

  • Correspondence
    • Mt. View Family Parade: Jungle Theme - Saturday 4/30 12 noon Pioneer Park
    • Emilyís List - discussion
  • Next meeting March 14, 2005
  • Nikol set up a yahoo! Group for OMVNA members

2. Approval of Minutes

  • Approval of December and January minutes.

3. CERT and Financial Update

  • Total OMVNA $9157.45 (CERT $300).

4. Newsletter

  • New ideas: Teaser, Whatís Inside, Upcoming Topics
  • How to get to know the Board: newsletter article, pictures of us
  • Discussion regarding Delivery of Newsletter to expose front page rather than back

5. General Meeting Follow-up & Planning

  • January General Meeting Recap
    • Attendance low, but discussion good
    • Next time, location to be in newsletter
    • Signs: who has them? Need to check on this to be sure they are out
  • Next meeting to be in May
    • Date ideas: 5/14 or 5/15 - keeping in mind Motherís Day
    • Theme idea: Bike Rodeo/Safety
      (bike safety tips, repairs, demos, contests, donations)
    • Location idea: Landels playground
    • Kim to research philanthropic ideas for bikes
    • Ken to follow-up with the Police for this event
    • Velva discussed paying babysitters (Evelyn & Lauren) $5/hour for future meetings

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Submitted by Secretary,
Kim Copher

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