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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2004


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
February 10, 2004

Officers Attending

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter - Velva Rowell
Community Liaison - Tom Matula
Secretary - Claire Silver
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders
Member-at-Large - Ken Rosenberg

Officers Not Present

Vice-Chair - Monica Smith

Visiting Neighbors

Bruce Karney
Kathy Bettman
Eric Windes
Alison Hicks

1. Introductions and Announcements

  • Ronit received a check from the city for the grant OMVNA received for neighborhood signs. It was used to reimburse her personal funds previously spent on the signs.

2. Measure J Endorsement

  • Measure J supporters and neighbors Bruce Karney, Eric Windes and Kathy Bettman requested OMVNA publicly endorse Measure J. We discussed the importance of Measure J and the changes made since last year’s failed measure. Measure J will provide less money since it is requiring businesses to pay less. OMVNA steering committee moved to endorse Measure J with two abstentions.
  • OMVNA was then asked for a donation of $2000. It was decided to form a committee to create future guidelines for donations and solicitations. Ken, Aaron and Claire volunteered. Since the need for funds for the Measure J campaign is immediate a motion was moved and unanimously approved to make a donation of $500.

3. Yearly Budget and CERT Review

  • Balance is $6757.51 ($191.67 is CERT).
  • We reviewed the proposed 2004 annual budget and a 2003 balance sheet.
  • We discussed the amount of the budget surplus.
  • Aaron reported CERT is having a training this weekend and has added additional volunteers.

4. Neighborhood Preservation Update

  • Tom Matula and Alison Hicks updated us on the Historic Preservation Ordinance. Tom presented a document reviewing the Historic Preservation Ordinance.
  • Alison reviewed how the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) works with the City Council. The EPC originally planned preservation by individual building and the City Council is more interested in viewing it by districts. We discussed the use of overlay zones, districts and the existing set of Old Mountain View design guidelines. It was agreed we should review the guidelines.
  • A recent issue of the Voice has an article and graphics of the newly proposed districts that is possibly in error.
  • Feb 18th is public EPC hearing. EPC will present to the City Council in April.
  • It was decided that at this early stage OMVNA’s role would be to attend meetings, create a neighborhood presence, report and educate.
  • OMVNA (Tom and Velva) to attend the Feb 18th meeting.

5. Planning for the next General Meeting, March 27, 1:00-3:00

  • Talent show has at least 5 confirmed acts so it was decided to move ahead with this idea.
  • We will have a dessert potluck. OMVNA will provide additional desserts and drinks.
  • Options for publicity were discussed. Flyers for the neighborhood signs or an announcement in Landels newsletter.
  • Erin will look into ribbons and certificates for all participants.
  • We will complete planning details at our next meeting March 8th.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Claire Silver, Secretary

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