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Monthly Steering Committee Minutes for 2004


OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting
November 8, 2004

Officers Attending

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Community Liaison - Tom Matula
Member-at-Large - Ken Rosenberg

Officers Not Attending

Vice-Chair - Monica Smith
Secretary - Claire Silver
Newsletter - Velva Rowell
Member-at-Large - Erin Sanders


New boardmember Kim Copher

1. Introductions and Announcements

  • Next newsletter articles due Wednesday November 12th. Ronit to email Velva with correct date.
  • Ronit will send letter to reappoint Tom Matula as OMVNA rep to the Downtown Committee.
  • Viewed Welcome packages.

2. Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes approved.

2. CERT and Treasurer's Report

  • Total $6855.09 (CERT $6.98) (OMVNA $6848.11).
  • $310.87 left to pay Newsletter.
  • Velva's suggestion for an extra newsletter brought in additional revenue ($2435 net profit).
  • Aaron to send financial data for the last 12 months to all on the Board.
  • CERT members now total 39.
  • CERT plan to stock backpacks for 5 people.
  • Ronit secured Training Grant good through June for 2 trainings. 1st training January 8th. 1 hour meeting. 2 hour drill with stations.
  • CERT map to be updated by Aaron.

3. 2004 In Review


  • We are meeting our purpose to benefit the community.
  • General meeting was successful.
  • CERT has grown.
  • CERT has money for formal trainings.
  • Candidate night (10/20) great turn-out.
  • Ice cream social at the firehouse was successful.
  • OMVNATalk List has grown to 129 members.
  • Provided imput for retail space at California & Bryant.
  • Proud of donation to Measure J.
  • Ken's work to invest and create a policy to return some of our profits to the community.
  • 'Welcome Packets' to the neighborhood.
  • Fun at the Talent Show - thanks Velva!.

Didn't accomplish as much as hoped in the Update to the Downtown Precise Plan. Need to track the city more closely. Currently only one person as a liaison - need a group so we are always represented. Ronit suggested a more formalized agenda for checking on various city agendas (ie PRC, EPC, Zoning Administration, Development Review Board, etc).


  • We should focus on becoming the resource that people understand. We should participate at a greater level. We should be the "go to" group or the group leading the charge.
  • Ideas should be followed through to fruition. Recommend that we have Champions of ideas.
  • We want that small-town feel - Tom.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Copher, Secretary-elect

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