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Monthly Meeting Minutes for 2003


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2003

Officers Attending

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Vice-Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - Claire Silver
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter - Velva Rowell
At-Large - Julie Wrobel

Officers Not Present

Newsletter - Lisa Windes
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg
Community Liaison - David Andrzejek

Visiting Members

Bruce Karney - Nominating Committee Chair
Julie Lovins - Newsletter Delivery
Tom Matula - Slated Community Liason
Erin Sanders - Slated Member At-Large
Monica Smith - Slated Vice Chair

1. Introductions and announcements

  • OMVNA needs to reappoint a representative to the downtown committee. Ronit proposed the position be split into two positions due to the nature of the commitment (daytime meetings). Julie reported there is a requirement limiting the position to one representative only. It was decided the split position would still be useful to draw up agendas, etc. Tom Matula volunteered to take the role as representative and attend meetings.

2. Treasurer's Report.

  • Total balance is $6472.89, ($214.87 for CERT).
  • Aaron requested $500 for CERT funds. CERT has a goal of 60 to 70 volunteers. There are currently 19 with 4 more soon to be certified. Each volunteer is equipped with a CERT kit (backpack). The $500 requested will fund 7 to 8 more kits. Aaron made motion, Velva seconded. Ronit recommended the motion pass and suggested next year we review the entire OMVNA budget. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Approval of minutes

  • Aaron moved to approve and Ronit seconded.

4. Downtown Precise Plan

  • Many important issues were raised. Limiting and protecting building heights in the historic downtown areas was the main concern of the following members who contributed input.
  • JulieLovins (a member of the downtown committee) summarized the ongoing process of updating and revising the precise plan. (Review Julie’s article in OMV Newsletter.) Julie is recommending that the neighborhood make its voice heard, especially to City Council members. A survey of historic structures which presents an overall view of neighborhood structures has been completed but not been presented to downtown committee. Also discussed town home zoning on Hope St, and Fairmont/Gateway Park switch.
  • Bruce Karney pointed out pressure to increase housing density. Downtown is the friendliest neighborhood to high-density units.
  • Alison distributed a paper, MVPA (MV Preservation Alliance) Position on the Neighborhood Precise Plan. She emphasized the need for consistency in all elements (Precise Plan, zoning height limits, MVPA input). Refer to the paper on the MVPA web site, (
  • Group discussion of concerns, recommendations and strategy. Bruce suggested we target the undecided council members and emphasize 3-5 focal points.

5. October 18/19 General Meeting

  • Elect new slate and amendment to bylaws.
  • Activity suggested was storytelling regarding old MV. Ronit will talk to librarian.
  • Landels School was suggested as a meeting site. Sunday, 12-2 settled on for the date and time. Pizza suggested. Ask members to bring dessert potluck.
  • Quorum is necessary to pass bylaws.
  • Elaine Costello (Dir of community development) was suggested as a speaker regarding the downtown precise plan. Ronit will contact Elaine.
  • Parks and Rec requested to make presentation.

6. Neighborhood Grants

  • City would like to award grants. Ronit suggested creating neighborhood signs to publicize meeting. Oct deadline. Motion was moved, seconded and approved.
  • Bulletin board/kiosk idea was suggested and already turned down.

7. Newsletter

  • Deadline is Oct 2nd, newsletter to be released Oct 9th.
  • Velva requested articles be submitted a week in advance. If topic is important please let Velva know ahead of time.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Claire Silver, Secretary

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